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19th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Pigot's Directory for Derbyshire, 1828-9 [note]
Matlock, Matlock Bath, Bonsall, Darley and Neighbourhoods


Matlock Bath Hotel, Thos. Robinson
New Bath Hotel, George Saxton, Matlock bath
Old Bath Hotel, Mary Cumming, Matlock bath


Barley Mow, Thomas Millward, Bonsall
Boat House, Jas. Fletcher, Matlock
Britannia, Thos. Worthy, Bonsall
Crispin, Sarah Milner, Darley
Crown, James Bown, Matlock
Duke William, Han. Wilson, Matlock
George & Dragon, Hannah Smethurst, Matlock
Goat's Head, Henrietta Flint, Darley
Horse & Jockey, Geo. Smith, Matlock
Horse Shoe, Wm. Barnes, Matlock
Horse Shoe, Saml. Cowley, Darley
King George, Wm. Gaunt, Matlock
King's Head, Jas. Abell, Bonsall
King's Head, Thos. Smedley, Matlock bath
Miner's Standard, Robt. Clayton, Bonsall
Nag's Head, John Pidcock, Darley
Pig of Lead, Wm. Peat, Bonsall
Plough, Wm. Allwood, Darley
Queen's Head, Jas. Mather, Bonsall
Queen's Head, Anthony Walton, Matlock
Red Lion, George Moore, Matlock
Square & Compasses, James Carlisle, Matlock
Square & Compasses, Robert Clayton, Darley
Wheat Sheaf, Jane Lowe, Matlock

Glover's Directory for Derbyshire, 1827-29
Matlock & Matlock Bath, parish of Matlock


All described as vict[ualler]. Additional occupations are also given.

Boat House, James Fletcher - and butcher
Crown, James Bown - and watchmaker
Duke William, Luke Wilson
George and Dragon, Hannah Smithurst
Horse and Jockey, George Smith - and auctioneer, nursery and seedsman
Horse Shoe, William Bown
King George, William Gaunt - and butcher
Queen's Head, Anthony Walton - and Stone Mason
Red Lion, George Moore - and lace manufacturer
Square and Compasses, James Carlisle
Wheat Sheaf, Jane Lowe

Matlock Bath, parish of Matlock

Hotel, Thomas Robinson
King's Head, Thomas Smedley
New Bath, George Saxton
Old Bath, Mary Cummings

Pigot's Directory for Derbyshire, 1835
Matlock and Matlock Bath with the village of Bonsall and Neighbourhoods>


Hodgkinson's Hotel, Job Hodgkinson, Museum Parade
New Bath Hotel (and posting house) George Saxton
Old Bath Family Hotel (and posting house) Mary Cumming


Barley Mow, Thomas Millward, Bonsall
Blue Ball, William Oakley, Matlock
Boat House, William Adin, Matlock
Britannia, William Batty, Bonsall
Crown, James Bowen, Matlock Bridge
Devonshire Arms, Thomas Smedley, Matlock Bath
Duke William, John Knowles, Matlock
George IV, Luke Wilson, Matlock Bath
Horse & Jockey, George Smith, Matlock
Horse Shoe, William Bowen, Matlock
King's Head, James Abell, Bonsall
King's Head, Joseph Bennett, Matlock Bath
Miners' Standard, Wm. Wheeldon, Bonsall
Pig of Lead, James Briddon, Bonsall
Queen's Head, James Mather, Bonsall
Queen's Head, Timothy Spencer, Matlock
Queen's Head, Anthony Walton, Bonsall
Red Lion, Charles Else, Matlock
Wheat Sheaf, Jane Lowe, Matlock

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Transcribed by Marjorie Ward, 1999, for the Pubs Sydicate and reproduced here with her kind permission.
Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory

[note] Pigot's extracts of 1828-9 was originally believed to have been from the directory of 1821-22 but it is now known this was incorrect. This was a mistake in the identity of the source and was not made by the transcriber
Both Pigot's 1828-9 and Glover's are now transcribed in full on this site (see top RH menu)
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