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Description of site and information

The Andrews Pages are designed, written for and published on the internet by Ann and Andy Andrews, either together or individually. Its contents are our visual and intellectual property.

The site was created in 1996 and was originally hosted by Pipex, firstly as and then as
Our copyright remains on all former versions of the pages with either or www.andrewspages.dial.pipex in any file or file link you may come across, despite attempts to overwrite it.
—One major international site links to so called retrieved files from our site that have been placed on another site without our agreement, but their links do not bring you to our website so please beware of using such spurious links. Those files are also both old and out of date.
—Please do not link to those files either.
Instead, let us know if you find one (email links to us at the bottom of this page).
No permission has ever been given to archive any part of this website, either from this domain or our former site with Pipex, nor for those files to be pllaced in the public domain.

—At the beginning of 2013 we moved to our current domain at

  • This is a privately owned non-commercial web site based on our own creativity, research or transcripts. The site has taken a great deal of time to produce over many years. Many contributors, including ourselves, own and have sometimes gone to considerable expense to purchase the books, documents and images that are shared on this site.

  • All rights reserved. We operate under United Kingdom and English Law.

  • From time to time we include material generously given to us by other people. This is clearly identified as such and permission has been sought before placing it on our web pages. The same 'Conditions of Use' apply to this additional material, as if the contributor were ourselves, or either one of us. At the bottom of each page is a statement attributing the copyright of the page and recording the last update.
    Also see below:
    Understanding copyright
    Our material and how it may and may not be used
  • All images have been prepared by and enhanced for the Internet, the vast majority by the web mistress although some have been prepared by individual collectors.

  • Pages are checked in more than one web browser before they are put on line. We have mainly been using Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Windows Internet Explorer (although this last is now old technology) but if there is something that doesn't really work in your favourite browser, please get in touch and we can include that browser in our checklist.

  • The Andrews Pages includes links to both internal and external web sites, using hyperlinks only. We link to external sites purely on their merit and do not link to these sites in return for services, cash or any other consideration in kind. The sites we link to are mostly free to access, but sometimes users may be asked to register or subscribe before viewing the content.

  • We do not use cookies.

Understanding copyright

Everything on this web site is copyright whether this is stated specifically or not.

  1. It extends to all the written material within this site including transcripts of content from old books, parish registers, census material, old directories and any other lists that appear. If a book is now out of print and / or out of copyright, it does not mean that a transcript of it is out of copyright. The copyright of a transcript rests with the transcriber.

  2. If information is held in a database, as some of our material is, it is also protected by database right.

  3. The copyright of images - photographs, paintings, drawings, etchings and engravings:
    [this section added to in Oct 2016 to clarify any misunderstandings about who owns the copyright of images on the site]

    1. Whilst the original copyright of photographs may rest with the photographer, the rights may have been sold on or licensed to, say, a postcard publisher or business entity. If that entity goes into liquidation their copyright may revert back. That copyright may extend further back than 70 years from the present day. Publishers of all postcards on this website, where known, are identified on every page that contains an image. Names of the photographers, if known, are also provided.

    2. Private owners of collections of postcards and other images of whatever age, own the copyright of all scans they make of images in their collections. On almost all images within the website, there is a © symbol, followed by the name of the private collection the image is from. This has been done to protect and identify the image. But whether or not the © symbol is present, the scanned image is still copyright. This should be respected by all visitors to this web site.

    3. The copyright of modern images from original plate glass negatives belongs to the person who has produced a photograph from the negative. The copyright of scans of such images within this website belong to the collector who has produced the scan. This almost exclusively applies to the Vernon Lamb Archive.

    4. Dates of the copyright within this site are from the last update of a particular page and not from when the page was first created. It also applies to any pages you may have saved to your computer.

Our material and how it may and may not be used

A. Non commercial use

  • Welcome use
    but please contact Ann first as this must be agreed in writing (link at the bottom of the page):

    1. Those interested in family and / or local history are, generally speaking, very welcome to use the material on our pages. We hope it is informative, interesting and useful. That is why we have taken the time to put it on to the Internet, providing it for personal use only. There is a note on every page highlighting this, although the Vernon Lamb Archive is slightly different in the way the copyright, etc., is presented - © The Vernon Lamb Archive and Robert White.

    2. If it any material is included in your private research we ask that at least you record the URL and our name or names.

    3. Hyperlinks to individual pages from your own web site and from social media are welcomed.

    4. Researching a school or student project that is not to be published anywhere? You are, of course, very welcome to reference this material, but please do not copy it willy nilly in large chunks and always state your source - teachers and examiners use the Internet too.

    5. Writing a newspaper article or a book or producing a T.V. programme? Please respect our conditions but one requirement is to publish details of our web site. There may be other requirements.

    6. Permission is almost always granted for use of images for events such as weddings or other special occasions as they are deemed to be personal.

  • Unwelcome use.
    Links are welcome, as already stated, but don't copy:

    1. Do not copy material for your web site, web space, blog or to a forum you belong to.

    2. Do not copy material published on this site and pass it onto another web site as your own work. It isn't. This includes such sites as and its subsidiaries, Wikipedia, as well as ftp sites and other electronic access. It also includes privately run web sites hosted by others.

    3. Do not include screen shots of anything published on this site in your web site or pass them on to others to include in theirs. This includes such sites as and its subsidiaries, Wikipedia, as well as ftp sites and other electronic access. It also includes privately run web sites hosted by others and sites that have been supposedly archived.

    4. Do not link to individual images to make it look as if they are part of your own web page or blog. Hyperlinks links to our web pages are welcomed, copying or cropping the image isn't.

    5. Use on social media, such as Facebook and Flickr, is also not permitted. Placing copyright material on social media sites without permission devalues those sites. Good Netiquette is to "share" the URL of a website, poor Netiquette is take material, including images, and put it onto social media.

      If you have used our material, please remove it as it not yours to have put there to "share" (also see item 6 in this section). You may be asked for compensation by copyright holders.

    6. Direct quotes from our site without quotation marks are not permitted. This is plagiarism.

    7. Photographs, postcards and other images are provided to enhance The Andrews Pages and no other web site or blog. If we find someone has copied our images and are using them on their web site we will ask for their removal. Cropping, enhancing or altering the individual images in any way is not permitted as the copyright of the original remains. Again, you might be asked for compensation.

    8. Copying onto CD Rom, DVD etc., even for personal use to family members, is no longer permitted as it is deemed unnecessary in the modern age. Just tell your friends or relatives to look at this site for themselves.

    9. Our material may not be used in such things as Apps, posters, newsletters, brochures or any other medium.

    10. You do not have permission to modify, distribute, reproduce, publish, license, sell, create derivative works from, or remove proprietary rights notices from any material on The Andrews Pages web site without written permission.

B. Our material may not be used for commercial purposes.

  1. We do not normally asking for any form of payment, so the conditions we place upon use are that no-one else should be able to profit from it either. We feel very strongly that work we have done should not be used for someone else's commercial gain.

    This covers all types of transmission - electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise. Selling copies on a CD ROM, on a floppy disk, on a microfiche, or making copies available on a commercial World Wide Web site, or being printed, published or sold in any form whatsoever is not permitted.

  2. Many blog sites contain adverts, so hyperlinks only permitted. Social media sites these days are also highly commercial (see unwelcome use above).

  3. Images may not be reproduced in family trees on other web sites, such as etc. - links only permitted.

  4. It may not be used to advertise your business in any way. This includes hotels, guest and boarding houses, shops, offices and travel companies.

C. Attributing the source and passing on information.

  1. Experienced researchers, of course, already know that it is essential to always state the source of information. If you are less experienced in these matters, perhaps just starting out, we ask that you respect the same convention and clearly state where you have found your data. "I didn't realise I had to" or "I don't know what that means" for such things as copyright is not an excuse.

  2. For ordinary private and personal research purposes it is sufficient to quote the URL and our name(s). If private research is shared with your relatives, your information source needs to be passed on, together with the conditions which apply.

  3. If you download material from our site for private use and place it onto a CD, DVD, floppy disk, dongle/USB stick or print it out please do not give it to others in any format whatsoever. Please ensure that anyone you show the material to is aware that it is subject to copyright.

    Sadly, there have been cases of material being returned to the individual who prepared it in the first place - and even being sold back to them by someone who has made a commercial gain. The moral is that, while the Internet makes it easy for people to download and pirate other people's work, the Internet also makes the world smaller and it has becoming easier for dishonest people to be found out.

  4. If you aren't careful in noting your source or think it doesn't really matter, we'd ask you to just think about it in reverse for a moment. How would you like to come across something you know full well you wrote and had probably spent a good deal of time researching, yet there is absolutely nothing mentioned about your contribution?

Errors in transcriptions - deliberate or otherwise

Whilst others may do so, we have not 'seeded' deliberate errors into any of our transcriptions or other material. On the contrary, we have gone to considerable trouble at all stages - recording, transcribing and checking - to ensure our information is as accurate as possible. However, some source materials, including gravestones and old documents or registers, are now very difficult to read and errors of interpretation or recording will occur from time to time. For this reason the authors of these pages accept no liability for any information that may be incorrect or for any costs incurred.

We will, of course, correct mistakes made by us if you can provide evidence from the original source.

Others who have addressed this issue - and credits for help

The issue of copyright and 'Conditions of use for transcribed and other material' has also been dealt with by Colin Hinson and Rosemary Lockie on GENUKI and personal web sites. We have based our own statement on theirs and gratefully acknowledge this.

To partially quote Colin:
The pages within the Andrews Pages website "are not constituted to be in the public domain and remain proprietary".

If you have any comments or queries on the conditions of use, please write to us. We have several contact addresses:

Ann Andrews (Matlock email) - to be used if writing about Matlock

Ann or Andy Andrews - about non Matlock items or interests. But please but note that Andy has no interest in either Matlock or Derbyshire.

Thank you for reading this.