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Matlock Bank and Matlock Moor, Kelly's Directory, 1899
19th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

Kelly's Directory of the Counties of Derby, Notts, Leicester and Rutland. Pub. London (1895)


Ballington Harold E. Beechwood
Ballington Thomas, Smedley street
Barber Frederick, New street
Barlow Jn, Linden cot. Lime Tree hill
Barton George Barnard, Dalefield
Beavan Rev. Arthur (Primitive Methodist), Smedley street
Benton Walter, Rose villa, New road
Boden Mrs. S. The Poplars, Smedley st
Brailsford Harry, Dimple
Brailsford Thos. Llandudno vil. Dimple
Brayshaw Benjamin, Heathfield
Brooks Walter, Lime grove
Brooksbank Chas. James, Summerfield
Brown Miss, Wellington street
Cantrell John, Rutland street
Castle Henry, Lime grove
Challand Henry, Norwood villa
Clarke Rev. Edwin [Congregational], Heather bank
Clay George, Smedley street
Collinson Miss, The Terrace, Dimple
Cousins Mrs. 1 Burton villas
Davies Robt. P. St. John's Terrace
Davis Edwin, Thornleigh, Smedley street
Douglas Mrs., Beech vil. Chesterfield road
Drabble Frederick H. Fair View ho
Drabble Geo. Stendall, Lime Tree hill
Else Alfred, Carr bank, Chesterfield rd
Else Geo. Nuttall, Wellfield house
Freeman Jn. Candle, Kelvin gro. Dimple
Gregg George, Stanley grove
Hall Robert F.S.A.A. Heidelberg, Bank road
Heald Horace, Hill side
Holt H. H. Clifton villa
Hope Geo. Ebor mnt. Chesterfield rd
Hope John Thomas, Dent house
Hurd Daniel, Woldene ho. Wellingtn. st
Hursthouse William, Linton cottage, Smedley street
Ireland Philip, Bradford villa
Jones Mrs. New street
Knowles William, Jackson road
Leroy Rev. Georg (Catholic), St. Joseph st
Lowe Rev. Adam M.A. (vicar of All Saints), Mason view
McQuiston Miss, Oak Tree ho. Bank rd
Marsden Henry, Darley Hill side
Middleton William, Balmoral
Moxon William, M.D. West view
Neal Mrs. Pope carr
Nevitt Bennett Samuel, Shotwick cottage, Dimple
Pawlyn Rev. J. Hawkins (Wesleyan), Wesley house, Bank road
Pearson Atkinson, Rockside villa
Potter William H. Fair hill
Richards George, Wellington street
Roby Miss, Chesterfield road
Rowland Charles, Claremont
Russworm S. C. A. Beechwood
Rutherford Thomas, Chesterfield rd
Smedley Robert N. Highfield
Smith Joseph, The Laurels, Wellington street
Smith Mrs. Ann, Smedley street
Smith Robert, Dimple
Sproul James Nelson, New street
Starkey William, Dale view
Stevens Thomas, Cambrian House, Chesterfield road
Thompson R. B. Rycroft, Smedley st
Tobin Miss, Carr bank
Turton Saml. Thomas, Lime Grove wlk
Walker Mrs. Wellfield house
Walker Saml. Yorkville ho. Lime Tree hl
Walton John, Thornton ho. Bank road
Ward Thomas, Hope villa
Wildgoose Robert J.P. The Gables
Willan Miss, Wellington street
Wilmot Ernest L. New street
Wilson William, Bank villa
Wright William, The Ferns, Lime Grove walk


Addy William, confectioner, Bank road
Allen Joseph, farmer & removal contractor, Dimple
Allen Joshua, boarding & day school, Cavendish house
Allsopp Mr. & Mrs. hydropathic establishment, Belle vue
Arms Jesse, beer retailer, Smedley st
Askew William (Mrs.), apartments, Dimple terrace
Atkins William, hydropathic establishment, Rock side
Auty Thomas Platt, grocer, provision & toy dealer
Bagshaw Thomas, carpenter
Bailey Henry, chemist, Central buildings
Ballington George, builder & cabinet maker
Ballington Harry, gardener, Wellington street
Ballington Joseph, stone worker, Wellington street
Bannister John, plumber, Jackson road
Barber William Harvey, artist & photographer, The Matlock studio, Bank road
Barnard Henry, bookseller, stationer & fancy repository & post office, Smedley street
Barton George Barnard, hydropathic establishment, Dalefield & Jackson house
Bates Richard, tripe dresser, Dimple
Battye Ada (Miss), dress maker, Smedley street
Beck Thomas, stone merchant & builder, Pope's carr
Boden Ann (Mrs.), Gate inn & livery stables
Boden Joseph, cab proprietor, arrangement for picnic parties, shelibere, glass hearse & mourning coaches
Boden William, builder, Jackson's road
Bonsall William, grocer, Smedley street
Bowman Henry, farmer, Cuckoo Stone house
Bradshaw George H. butcher, Smedley street
Bridge Ann (Mrs.), apartments, Poplars, Smedley street
Bridge Luke, dealer in wines, spirits, ale & porter & tobacconist, Bank road
Brooksbank Charles James, surgeon dentist, Summerfield
Brough Frances (Mrs.), printer & stationer, Smedley street
Brown John, jun. market gardener & florist
Brown Edward, china & glass dealer, Rutland street
Brown John, jun. market gardener & florist
Buxton Isaac, baker & confectioner, Bank road
Calow Samuel, confectioner, Smedley street
Challand Henry, manager, Smedley's establishment
Chesterfield House Hydro. Lim. (The), hydropathic establishment, Chesterfield road
Clay William, beer retailer, Wellington street
Cocking Wm. drill instructor at Smedley's, Hopewell ter
Crowder William, insurance agent, fire, life, railway accident & glass, Wellington street
Dakin Harry, boot maker, Smedley street
Daking Samuel, hair dresser & tobacconist, Smedley st
Davis Thos. & Sons, hydropathic establishment, Poplar cot
Davis Geo. hydropathic establishment, Tor ho. Jackson road
Dawes John, hydropathic establishment, Stanley House, Smedley st
Dean Gertrude Lilian & Mary Evaline (Misses), drapers, Bank road
Dean Joseph Leedham, apartments & school attendance officer, Rose Mount house
Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home (Miss F. Peet, matron)
Derbyshire Times (branch), 9 North parade
Derbyshire Lubin, slater
Dicken John, apartments, St. John's terrace
Doxey Joseph, greengrocer, Wellington street
Drabble George, timber merchant, The Limes; & saw mills, Matlock Bath. See advert [Note: not on this site]
Edge John, greengrocer, Lime Tree Hill
Else Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Lime Tree house
Else Catherine (Miss), shopkeeper, Smedley street
Else George Nuttall, collector to the Matlock urban district council & assistant overseer, Wellfield house
Else Joseph, tailor, Smedley street
Eyre Charles, hydropathic establishment, Rose. cot. Dimple
Falding Arthur E. architect & surveyor, Bank cottage
Felthouse Charles, grocer & dealer in wines & spirits, Smedley street
Fern Joseph, apartments, Smedley street
Frost Joseph, draper, Dimple
Frost Walter, boot maker, Jackson road
Furniss Wm. cab proptr. Cherry Holt & Wellington st
Geldart & Co. nurserymen & florists, Smedley street
Goodlad Emmanuel, apartments, Burton villas, Smedley st
Goodwin George William, farmer, The Wolds
Goodwin Thomas, farmer, Hurst
Hague John, apartments, Dimple
Hallatt Tom, greengrocer, Smedley street
Hancock & Antcliffe Brothers, builders, contractors, plumbers, glaziers, gas, water & electric bell fitters, painters & paperhangers; estimates given, Smedley street
Hand Henry & Son, carriage proprietor, Pope's carr & Bank road; residence, Smedley street
Harris Charles Henry, nurseryman, Matlock nurseries
Harrison Mary (Mrs.), apartments, Dimple terrace
Hancox George, insurance agent, Smedley street
Hawley Albert, bird dealer, Smedley street
Hawley William, apartments, Dimple
Hill A. pork butcher, Bank rd
Hill William, tailor & woollen draper, Bank road
Hole Frances M (Mrs.), beer retailer, Dimple
Holgate Mary Ann (Mrs.) Burton villas, Smedley street
Holmes Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, Smedley street
Holmes Robert, insurance agent, Dimple
Holmes Solomon (Mrs.), laundress, Pope carr
Holmes William, teacher of music, Smedley street
Hopkinson Frank, buildr & slater, New street
Houseley Blanche (Mrs.), shop keeper, Bank road
Hurd, Son & Co. silk, silk & merino & natural wool underclothing & hosiery manfrs. Portland Grange mills
Hurd Daniel, beer retailer
Hurd Robert D (Mrs.), greengrocer, Smedley street
Industrial & Provident Society Limited (George Wall, manager), Smedley st
Johnson T. Crowder, manufacturer of Derbyshire hand made hosiery, Wellington street & Smedley street
Jones Ann (Mrs.), apartments, Mountain view, Smedley st
Jones Thomas Arthur, boot maker, Smedley street
Kenworthy Henry, apartments, St. John's terrace
King Joseph, yeast importer & tobacconist, Smedley st
King William, baker, Smedley street
Knowles Annie & Elizh. (Misses), dressmakers, Jackson rd
Knowles Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, New street
Knowles George, joiner, builder & contractor, Jackson rd
Knowles Matthew, pianoforte tuner, Bank road
Knowles William, musical instrument dealer, Smedley street
Lewis Joseph & William, builders, Dimple
Lomas John, asphalter, Wellington street
Lomas John, butcher, Bank road
Luke Thomas Davey M.B., C.M. Dub. resident physician, Smedley's establishment
McCheane Wm. Cronyn, grocer & provision mer, Smedley st
Marriott George (Mrs.), Brunswood terrace
Marriott John W. farmer
Marsden Daniel & Son, ironmongers & braziers
Matlock Gymnasium Club (W. Moxon, M.D. president), Victoria hall
Matlock House Hydropathic Establishment (Matlock House Hydropathic Co. Lim. proprietors ; Rbt. Hall, sec. & managing director); first-class health & pleasure resort ; hydropathic baths ; skilled attendants ; liberal table ; moderate charges ; prospectus on application
Matlock Industrial Provident Society Limited, grocers, Smedley street
Matlock Pleasure Gardens Co. Lim. (Charles Webb, sec.), Smedley street
Matlock Union Club (W. D. Hurd, sec.), Rutland street
Matlock Visiting List (F. H. Edmunds, publshr.), Smedley st
Mills Edith (Miss), dress maker, Smedley street
Mills Samuel, boot maker, Smedley street
Mower Henry, farmer, Cuckoo stone
Moxon William L.R.C.P. Edin. physician & surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator Matlock district, Bakewell union, & medical officer of health to Matlock & North Darley urban district council, West view
Mulley Annie M. (Miss), dress maker, Wellington street
Needham Thomas, builder & contractor
Oakley Walter John, painter & decorator, Bank road
Potter William Henry, hand machine hosiery mfr, Dimple
Pride William, fruiterer &c. Smedley st
Reddish John, plasterer, Smith road
Reynolds George, apartments, Wellington street
Richards Joseph, hydropathic establishment, Sycamore ho
Rockside Hydropathic & Boarding Establishment, (Miss Goodwin, manageress ; Dr. Marie Goodwin, resident physician ; A. L'Estrange Orme, visiting physician))
Rose Alexander, apartments, Riber view, Lime Tree hill
Rowlett Joseph, apartments, Fern cottage
Russwurm Mary (Miss), ladies' school, Beechwood
Scotthorne Kendal, greengrocer, Dimple
Searle Emma (Mrs.), toy dealer, Smedley street
Sharpe William Cecil, M.B. & C.M. Edin sen, physician, Smedley's establishment
Shaw Joseph, hair dresser & tobacconist, Smedley street
Sheldon Thomas, apartments, Wellington street
Shenton Richd. jeweller, watch ma. & optician, Smedley st
Simpson Mark, umbrella maker &c, Bank road
Slater Fred H. plumber, glazier, gas & hot water fitter, bellhanger, painter & paperhanger, Smedley street
Slater George E. insurance agent, Smedley street
Slater John, Prudential agent, Wellington street
Smedley's Hydropathic Co. Lim. (Alfred Douglas, sec; H. Challand, manager ; William C. Sharp M.B. C.M. Edin. physician ; Thomas D. Luke M.B. B.C.Dub. resident physician)
Smedley Memorial Hydropathic Hospital (Miss Ann Jackson, matron)
Smith Job, hydropathic establishmt. Malvern ho, Smedley st
Smith John Lee, apartments, Carson house, Rutland st
Smith Joseph, farmer, Asker lane
Staniford Robt. J. town crier, Dimple
Starr Charles, joiner, Smedley street
Statham George, baker & confectioner, Wellington street
Statham George, boot maker, Jackson road
Stocker Henry, linen draper &c. Oxford house
Sulley John, shop keeper, Pope's carr
Sutherland Margaret (Miss), fancy draper & dress maker, Smedley street
Swift Benjamin, plumber &c. Wellington street
Taylor Charles, butcher, Smedley street
Taylor Tom, commercial traveller, Pope carr
Thompson John, beer retailer, Jackson road
Toplis Joseph, ladies' & gentleman's tailor & outfitter, Smedley street
Turner James, architect & surveyor, Hopewell terrace & Crown chambers, Crown square, Matlock bridge
Victoria Hall (Charles Webb, sec.), Smedley street
Wagstaffe Mary (Mrs.), apartments, Smedley street
Wall Henry, apartments, Lime Tree hill
Wall John Tom, cabinet maker, furniture dealer & undertaker, Smedley st
Walters Elizh. (Miss), apartments, Lime Tree Hill
Ward Frederick, butcher, Smedley street
Ward George Frederick, butcher, Smedley street
Ward Henry, hydropathic establishment, Bank house & Church view
Ward Samuel, Duke of Wellington P.H.
Ward Thomas Lister, chiropodist, Bank road
Ward William, farmer, Rose Mount
Ward William Henry, farmer, Dimple
Warner Herbert, musical instrument dealer
Warrener William, joiner, Dimple
Wheatcroft Leonard (Mrs.), apartments, Darley villa
Wheeldon James, butcher & farmer
Wheeldon Louisa (Mrs.), hydropathic establishment, Spring villa, Smedley street
White James, baker, Bank road
Wildgoose Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, Glen mount
Wildgoose John, farmer, Moor
Wildgoose John William, builder & contractor, quarry owner & joiner, undertaker, slater, plasterer, excavator & drainage contractor, Industrial works, Rutland street
Wildgoose Lawrence T. (Mrs.), hydropathic establishment, Elm Tree House
Wildgoose Rachael (Mrs.) hydropathic establishment, Oldham house
Wilmot John, beer retailer, Dimple
Wilmot John, beer retailer, Dimple
Wilson Dorothy (Mrs.), grocer & draper, Smedley street & Jackson's road
Windle William W. teacher of music, Bank road
Wood Alfred, cab proprietor, Smedley street
Woodhouse Alfred J. fried fish shop, Bank road
Woodhouse Charles, farmer, Lumsdale
Woodhouse Sydney, chimney sweeper, Jackson road
Wragg George (Mrs.), laundress, Brunswood terrace
Wright Michael, tin plate worker, Smedley street
Young William (Mrs.), brick maker & farmer, Moor

Town Sub-Post, M.O. & T.O., T.M.O.., Express Delivery, Parcel Post, S.B. & Insurance Annuity & Office, Smedley street, Matlock Bank. - H. Barnard, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Matlock Bath 7.30 a.m. & 11.30 a.m. 3.40 & 7.15 p.m. ; dispatched 10, 10.30 & 11.45 a.m. & 3.40, 5.50, & 7.35 & 8.10 p.m. ; sundays at 7.10 pm. Telegraph office open week days 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. & on sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

An Ann Andrews transcript
Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory

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