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Matlock Bath, Scarthin & Starkholmes : Bulmer's, 1895
19th Century Directories - Local Information, Alphabetic Directory and Trades and Professions

"History, Topography and Directory of Derbyshire" by T. Bulmer and Co.
printed at Preston (1895), pp.432-436


Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank; Arthur Clark, postmaster. Deliveries commence at 7-0 a.m. and 11-30 a.m., and at 3-15 p.m. and 6-30 p.m. Despatches at 10-45 a.m. to Manchester; 11-0 a.m. to Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, London and the Midland Counties; 12-45 noon to Buxton; 5-15 p.m. to Derby, and 8-20 p.m. to all parts; The Office is open for the transaction of Money Order and Savings Bank business; from 7 a.m. to 8-0 p.m., for the issue of Licenses from 9-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m.; and for Telegrams from 8-0 a.m. to 8-0 p.m.; Sundays from 8-0 a.m. to 10-0 a.m.; Parcel Post despatches at 11-0 a.m. and 8-0 p.m.; Sundays delivery at 7-0 a.m., and despatch at 7-30 p.m.

Urban District Councillors - John Edward Lawton, John Caithness Innes, Thomas Clarke, George James Rowland, William Lennox, Samuel Sprinthall, Louis Pearson, Samuel Robinson, Herbert Buxton, Peter Holmes and James Walter Wheatcroft
Guardians - John Haigh Quilliam, William Lennox
Clerk - Frederick Charles Lymn, solicitor
Surveyor - William Jaffery
Gas Company - Arthur Clarke, secretary, A. W. Elton, engineer and manager

Holy Trinity Church (Matlock Bath), 10-30 p.m. (11 o'clock during the season) and 6-30 p.m.
Scarthin Church - 3-0 p.m.
Glenorchy Chapel (Independent), 10-30 p.m. and 6-30 p.m.
Wesleyan Chapel 10-30 p.m. and 6-30 p.m.
Baptist Services are held in the Baths Assembly Rooms at 10-30 p.m. and 6-30 p.m.


Arkwright Frederick Charles, J.P., C.C., Willersley
Arkwright Sir Richard & Co., sewing cotton manufacturers, Masson Mills
Asbury Thomas, chemist, Derwent parade, and at Matlock Bridge
Aspey Mrs. Eliza, hydropathist, and apartments, 2 Clarence terrace
Baker Rev. Charles, vicar of Holy Trinity, The Vicarage
Balguy Francis C. bank manager
Ballard Frederick Bolton, general dealer, Scarthin
Bancroft John Henry, refreshment rooms, North parade
Barber Joseph, cab proprietor, Starkholmes
Barker Mrs. Elizabeth, Eaton villa, Waterloo road
Barker John Goddard, teacher of music and singing, Brunswood terrace
Barber Joseph, shopkeeper, The Mount, Starkholmes
Barnes & Son, hosiery manufacturers and dealers
Bellamy Rev. Frank Robert, pastor, Lady Glenorchy Chapel, and secretary for the Derbyshire Congregational Union
Bird Thomas, beerhouse, Scarthin
Boden James, spar and ornament worker
Boden John, confectioner and refreshment rooms, South parade
Boden John Edward, spar worker, Waterloo road
Boden John William C., shopkeeper and refreshment rooms, Derby road
Boden Thomas, boot and shoe maker and at Cromford
Briddon George, carriage builder ; h 1 Fountain villas
Briddon Herbert, cab and coach proprietor, coaches run daily to Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, and Dove Dale
Britland John, boot and shoe maker, Scarthin
Brocklehurst John, 3 Brunswood terrace
Buckley Francis, florist and fruiterer, Dale road
Butterworth Mrs. Alice, Langdale cottage, Masson road
Buxton Herbert, manufacturer of Blue John, spar and marble ornaments, The Museum
Cardin Job Hall, geologist and mineralogist, worker in Blue John and Derbyshire spar, Guide Lodge, Dale ; h Matlock Dale
Cardin Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Starkholmes
Cardin Michael Henry, Nant cottage, Matlock Dale
Chaplain Thomas, agent, Royal Life and Fire Office, Clarence villas
Chapman Frederick Mark, draper and outfitter, Scarthin
Clarence Hydro; Frederick George Brooker, proprietor
Clarke Arthur, postmaster, and secretary for Gas Co., Ltd. ; h 3 Derwent terrace
Clark Thomas, Masson house
Cliff Mrs. Millicent, refreshment and boarding house, Edinbro' house
Cooper Henry, draper and outfitter, Parade house
Cooper Thomas, insurance agent, Brunswood road
Crompton & Evans (Branch bank)
Cursham William George, solicitor, and commissioner for oaths, Barton villa
Dalton Frederick, restaurant keeper
Derby and Derbyshire Banking Company, Ltd. ; F. C. Balguy, manager
Drabble George Stendall, English timber merchant and saw mills proprietor, Midland station ; h The Limes, Matlock Bank
Eaton, Misses Lily & Emma Maria, dressmakers and milliners, Starkholmes
Eaton George James, fishing tackle maker and dealer, Starkholmes
Edwards William, vict., The Station Hotel
Elton Alfred William, engineer and manager, Gas Works
Etheridge Clendon, glass, china, fish, game, and poultry dealer, South parade
Evans John, fruiterer and greengrocer, South parade
Farnsworth John, Starkholmes
Fisher Mr. John, Chindrass
Flude Joseph, fine art pottery stores. Temple road ; h Clifton cottage
Fox Luke William, butcher, Buddle's farm
Fox William, carting contractor, and victualler, White Swan, Starkholmes
Frost James, boot and shoe maker, South parade
Fryer Mrs. Annie, draper and outfitter, Scarthin
Ginger Edward Stanbridge, Matlock Dale
Greatorex Alfred Job, mineralogist (medalist), Dale, proprietor of and guide to Masson Cavern, Heights of Abraham
Greatorex Job & Son, limestone merchants and quarry owners, Harvey Dale quarries
Gregory Joseph, tailor, Starkholmes
Greenhough Mr. Edward, Parkfield
Hackney William, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, South parade
Hackwood Richard Warwick, 3 Woodland terrace
Hardstaff Joseph, builder and contractor, Holme road
Hardy Mrs. Martha, refreshment rooms, Waterloo road
Hardy William Henry, Starkholmes
Harris Walter Noel, solicitor, Rock Cottage; h The Rocks
Harrison George, vict., Bath Terrace Hotel
Hayward John, mill manager, Barton villa
Heggs - , victualler, Rutland Arms
High Tor and Recreation Grounds Co., Ltd. ; entrance, Midland station
Hilder John William, photographer and fancy repository, South parade
Hodgkinson John, fancy repository and dealer in spar ornaments, 8 Derwent parade
Holland George, greengrocer, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, Scarthin
Holland Robert Carr Brackenbury, C.B., M.D., M.R.C.S., physician, Derby and Derbyshire Convalescent Home, Dale House
Hollingworth Aaron, superintendent of police, petty sessional division of Matlock and Wirksworth
Holmes - , joiner and cabinet maker. Holme road
Hope Joseph Jackson, fancy repository and ornament dealer, Derwent parade
Howe Mrs. Mary Ann, stationer, bookseller, and bookbinder, proprietress of the Fountain Baths ; h Fernie bank
Innes John Caithness, L.R.C.S., Edin., and L.M.
Jaffery William, surveyor, South parade
Jepson Richard, joiner and french polisher, Starkholmes
Jordan Miss Frances, dressmaker, Masson terrace
King James, tailor, Waterloo road
King William, draper, North parade
Kersley Mrs. Elizabeth Josephine, 2 Holme villas
Knowles Adam, stonemason Starkholmes
Ladd Thomas Henry, solicitor, commissioner for oaths, Greenbank
Land Frederick, shopkeeper, Waterloo road
Lawton John Edward, Glenorchy villa
Leggoe Frederick Edwin, cab proprietor, The Dale
Littler William, superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., Clarence villas
Lowe Frederick, boot and shoe maker, Starkholmes
Lowen Miss Emily, schoolmistress, Starkholmes
Lymn Frederick Charles, solicitor, commissioner for oaths, clerk to the urban council, and hon. sec. Matlock Bath and Cromford Angling Association, Fountain terrace
Lymn John, 3 Fountain villas
Malin Richard William Cox, watchmaker, jeweller, tobacconist, and fancy repository, South parade
Marriott William Abraham, Starkholmes
Martin Henry, wheelwright and boat proprietor, The Dale
Noble Donald, police station, Holme road
Ogden Frederick, spar and ornament dearler, Derby road
Ogden Mrs. Mary, 1 Woodland terrace
Outram Mr. Thomas Smith, Scarthin
Pavilion and Gardens Company, Limited
Pearson Joseph, agent Refuge Assurance Co., Scarthin
Potter William, Avondale
Pountain, Giradot, & Foreman, Ltd, wine and spirit merchants, The Promenade
Quant John Cheadle, professor of music and pianoforte tuner, Craven villa, Dale
Quillam John Haigh, Esq., Holme bank
Raynes Jacob, dealer in spar and other ornaments
Ratcliffe Mrs. Hannah, h 4 Woodland Terrace
Ratcliffe __, restaurant keeper, The Promenade
Reeds Joseph, grocer and confectioner, South parade
Reeds Peter, confectioner and restauranteur, Derwent parade
Reynolds Thomas, jobbing gardener, Dale road
Richardson William, station master (Midland Railway), h Brunswood terrace
Rigard Mr Aaron, Brunswood villa
Robinson John, shopkeeper, Starkholmes
Robinson Robert, oil dealer, Starkholmes
Robinson Samuel, vict., Devonshire Hotel
Rowland George James, schoolmaster, Dovedale house
Scorer Anthony, Dale house
Scorer John, draper, Derwent parade
Seedhouse Miss Annie, teacher of music, Scarthin
Shaw Bros, limestone merchants and quarry owners, Midland station
Sheldon Rev Thomas (Wesleyan), Scarthin
Sheppard James, mill manager, Mount view, Derby road
Shimwell Samuel, parish clerk, Holme road
Smedley Mrs. Eleanor, vict., The Midland Hotel
Smedley William, proprietor of Cumberland Cavern, and spa ornament dealer
Smedley John, horse and carriage proprietor, Fish Pond
Smith Miss Hannah, shopkeeper, Scarthin
Smith Samuel, dealer in spar and other ornaments, South parade
Smith Walter Edward, printer, Scarthin
Smith William John, hairdresser (ladies and gentlemen), South parade (cigars and fancy tobaccos)
Speed Mrs. Elizabeth, vict., The Old Vaults, South parade
Skidmore Sam, hosiery manufacturer, Derby road
Sprinthall Ernest, Beech cliff
Sprinthall Samuel, proptor. of Heights of Abraham and Rutland Cavern
Statham Isaac, shopkeeper, Starkholmes
Stevens Bros, colour manufacturers, Tor Works, Dale
Stones Thomas, Ashfield
Stoppard David, Starkholmes
Storer Mrs. Catherine, ale and porter dealer, Scarthin
Taylor Henry, apartments, Castle Top farm
Taylor Samuel, grocer, Dale
Thickett Miss Hannah, Clarence terrace
Tissington Henry, teacher of music, Birkland villa
Topham Herbert, M.R.C.S., Tor house
Toplis James, grocer, Scarthin
Truman & Haslam, victs., Temple Hotel
Tyack Thomas, proprietor, Royal Hydro and New Bath Hotel
Walker Mr James Harper, Starkholmes
Walker Mrs. Mary, Brunswood terrace
Walker Thomas, plumber, glazier, and gasfitter, Derby road
Wallis Walter, vict., Prince of Wales Hotel
Watts Mrs. Bridget, refreshment rooms and shopkeeper, Dale
Watts Mrs. Elizabeth, sub-postmistress, Starkholmes
Wheatcroft Henry, Willersley farm
Wheatcroft Jas. Walter, ironmonger, Derwent parade
Wheatcroft John, cavern guide, Dale
Wheatcroft Sydney Frederick, vict., Hodgkinson's Hotel (family and commercial)
Whittaker Mrs. Mary, mineral water manufacturer, and dealer in spar and other ornaments, (and at Ashford and Bakewell), The Dale
Wild Hy., Peveril Temperance Hotel, Derwent parade
Wilde Walter, butcher, South parade
Williamson Charles, Brunswood house
Wiln Mr John, Via Gellia house, Scarthin
Witham & Son, tailors and outfitters, South parade
Wooding Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Starkholmes
Woodfield William, spar and marble stores, and boat proprietor, 8 Derwent parade
Wyvill William Herbert, grocer, Derwent parade
Wyvill William, beerhouse, Fish Pond


Academies & Schools
Clifton college
National, Derby road, George James Rowland, master
National, Starkholmes, Miss Emily Lowen, mistress

Apartments & Lodgings
Aspey Mrs. Eliza, 2 Clarence terrace
Baguley Mrs. Mary, Wellington house
Barber Mrs. J, The Mount, Starkholmes
Barlow Mrs. Martha Elizabeth, 4 Holme villas
Boden John William, Derby road
Boden Mrs. Milcha, Prospect cottage, Waterloo road
Bratby Mrs. Mary, Switzerland view, Starkholmes
Bridgett Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Fountain villas
Brocklehurst John, 3 Brunswood terrace
Cardin Mrs. Charlotte, Beech cottage, Dale
Cliff Mrs. Millicent, Edinburgh house
Coombs Mrs, Holme road
Evans Mrs. Eliza, Holme road
Ferry Miss Elizabeth Mary, Woodland house
Fox William jun., Rose cottage
Glossop Mrs. Mary Emily, Holmefield house
Hall Mrs. Phillis, 7 Hope terrace, Brunswick road
Hadfield Mrs. Clara, Starkholmes
Hardstaff Mrs. Elizabth., Sheffield view
Hardstaff Mrs. Maria, Devonshire cottage
Higgs Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Midland terrace
Hodgkinson, Mrs, 8 Derwent parade
Holmes Samuel, Broom Hill farm
King Mrs. Elizabeth
Knowles Mrs. Elizabeth, Encliffe villas, Starkholmes
Lymn John, 3 Fountain villas
Martin Mrs. Mary J., Myrtle house
Mooley Mrs. Clara, Masson terrace
Mottram Mrs. Emma, 4 Waterloo road
Neale Mrs. Emily, High Tor house
Oliver Mrs. Hannah, Holme road
Oxley Mrs. Jane, Terrace cottage
Pearson Miss Eliza, Brunswood terrace
Raynes Mrs. Mary, Primrose cottage
Reeds Peter, Derwent parade
Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Brunswood terrace
Rowland Mrs. Martha Mary, Dovedale house
Shimwell Mrs. Sarah, The Laurels, Holme road
Smith Mrs. Minnie, Woodland terrace
Taylor Mrs. H., Castle Top farm, near Cromford station
Tissington Mrs. John, Birkland villa, Holme road
Unwin Mrs. Annie, Belle Vue cottage
Wall Mrs. Zillah, Ivy cottage, Starkholmes
Wardley Mrs. Ann Allen, 2 Woodland terrace
Whitmore Mrs. Jane, The Dale
Wilson Mrs. Hannah, Endcliffe villa, Starkholmes
Woodfield Mrs., Milton house

Crompton & Evans' Union Banking Co Ltd. (branch), from the Bridge
Derby and Derbyshire Banking Co Ltd.; F C Balguy, manager

Fountain Baths, Mrs. Mary Ann Howe, proprietress

Boot & Shoe Makers
Boden Thomas, South parade
Britland John, Scarthin
Frost James, South parade
Lowe Frederick, Starkholmes
Wooding Samuel, Starkholmes

Cumberland Cavern; John Smedley, proprietor
Fluor Spar Cavern, Jacob Raynes
Great Masson Cvrn.; John Greatorex & Son, proprietors
High Tor Grotto, The Dale, Grand Natural Crystallized Cavern, brilliantly lighted with gas, Job Hall Cardin, proprietor and guide
Long Tor Fluor Spar Roman Cavern, The Dale, Mrs. M Whittaker, proprietress
Long Rake Roman Lead mine, William Smedley, guide
Rutland Cavern, Heights of Abraham, Samuel Sprinthall, proprietor
Speedwell Cavern, Pavilion grounds

Asbury Thomas, Derwent parade, and at the Bridge

Cotton (sewing) Manufacturers
Arkwright Sir Richard & Co, Masson mills

Chapman Frederick Mark
Cooper Henry, Derwent parade
King William
Scorer J A., Derwent parade

Buckley John, Lea Bridge
Buxton Samuel
Carline Alfred
Dale George, Bow Wood
Dale Richard, Bow Wood
Farnsworth Geo. Riber house
Fox Josiah, Meadow farm
Holmes Isaac
Holmes Samuel, Broom Hill farm
Statham Isaac, Masson farm
Steeples William, High Lees
Taylor Henry, Castle Top farm
Wheatcroft Henry, Willersley farm

Grocers and Provision Merchants
Reeds Joseph, South parade
Taylor Samuel, The Dale
Toplis James, Scarthin
Wyvill William Herbert, Derwent parade

Hairdressers (ladies' and gentlemen's)
Smith William John (and tobacconist)

Hosiery Manufacturers
Barnes & Son
Skidmore Samuel, Derby Road

Hotels and Inns
Bath Terrace Hotel; George Harrison, proprietor
Devonshire; Samuel Robinson
Hodgkinson's Hotel (family and commercial); S F Wheatcroft, proprietor
New Bath Hotel (family and commercial); Thomas Tyack, proprietor
Midland; Mrs. E Smedley
Prince of Wales Hotel; Walter Wallis, proprietor
Royal Hotel and Hydro; Thomas Tyack, proprietor
Station Hotel; Wm. Edwards, proprietor
Temple Hotel; Truman and Haslam
The Old Vaults South parade; Mrs. E Speed
White Lion Inn Starkholmes; William Fox

Hydropathic Establishments
Clarence Hydro Frederick George Brooker, proprietor
Royal Hydro Thomas Tyack, proprietor

Refreshment Rooms
Bancroft John Henry, North parade
Boden John, South parade
Cliff Mrs. Millicent, Edinbro' house
Dalton Frederick, Derwent parade
Hardy Mrs. Martha, Waterloo road
Ratcliffe Mrs. Hannah, Lovers' walks
Ratcliffe __, Derwent parade
Reeds Peter, Derwent parade
Sprinthall Samuel, Heights of Abraham
Watts Mrs. Bridget, The Dale

Barker Joseph, Starkholmes
Boden John William, Derby road
Cardin Mrs. Mary, Starkholmes
Laud Frederick, Waterloo road
Robinson John, Starkholmes
Smith Mrs. Hannah, Scarthin
Statham Isaac, Starkholmes

Harris Walter Noel, Rock cottage
Ladd Thomas Henry, commissioner for oaths, Greenbank
Lymn Frederick Charles, commissioner for oaths and clerk to Urban Council, Fountain terrace

Spar and Ornament Manufacturers & Dealers
Boden James
Buxton Herbert, Museum
Cardin Job Hall, Guide lodge, The Dale
Greatorex Alfred Job, Masson
Hodgkinson John, Derwent parade
Hope Joseph Jackson, Derwent parade
Ogden, Frederick, Derby road
Smith Samuel, South parade
Whittaker Mrs. Mary, The Dale
Woodfield William, Derwent parade

Holland R.C.B, C.B., M.D., M.R.C.S., physician, Derby and Derbyshire Convalescent Home, Dale house
Innes J.C., L.R.C.S., L.M., Derby road

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