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Matlock & Riber : Bulmer's, 1895 (4)
19th Century Directories - Local Information, Alphabetic Directory and Trades and Professions

"History, Topography and Directory of Derbyshire" by T. Bulmer and Co.
printed at Preston (1895), pp.426-428


Academies and Schools.
British Schools (mixed); Edwin Davis, master
Cavendish House, Matlock Bank; (boy's classical and commercial, day and boarding); Joshua Allen, principal
Hunt Bridge House, Tansley road; (boys classical and commercial, day and boarding) ; Robert Clough, principal; (girls department, separate) Mrs. Clough, principal
National, Matlock Bank; mixed, Robert Henry Baker, master
National, Matlock Town; Thomas Henry Williams, master; Miss Sladen, mistress

Douse Robert Henry, Dale road
Hall Robert, Crown buildings

Apartments & Lodgings.
Brailsford Miss Ann, King's Bridge terrace, Dale road
Burton Richard, Dale road
Davis Mrs. G., St John's terrace, Matlock Bank
Dean Mrs. E. A., Roseberry house, New street
Domleo Mrs. Barbara, Buxton road, Snitterton road
Else Mrs. Ann, Lime Tree House farm
Fern Mrs. Martha, Dale view, Smedley street
Fowler Mrs. Martha, King's Bridge terrace, Dale road
Goodlad Mrs. Mary, Wellington street
Gregory Peter, Dale road
Hallam Mrs. Lydia, King's Bridge terrace, Dale road
Hand Mrs. Emma, Cordella, Smedley street
Hart Mrs. J., Masson view, Smedley street
Holgate Mrs. Mary Jane, 1 Burton villa, Smedley street
Holmes Mrs. Elizabeth, Haydn cottage, Smedley street
Hoyle Mrs. Mary, Stanley villa, New street
Hursthouse Mrs. Emma, Dean Hill lodge, Matlock Green
Jones Mrs. Ann, Castle view, Smedley street
Jones Mrs. J., Linden villa
Knowles Mrs. Bessie, Crown buildings, Bank road
Knowles Mrs. Fanny, The Poplars
Knowles Mrs, Devonshire terrace, Bank road
Leitch Mrs. Charlotte, King's Bridge terrace, Dale road
Middleton Mrs. M., Meadow view, Smedley street
Roberts Mrs. Elizabeth, King's Bridge terrace, Dale road
Roose Mrs. Amy, 6 Hopewell terrace
Smith Mrs. S. M., Vale view, Wellington street
Starr Mrs. Jane, Cliff cottage, Smedley street
Taylor Mrs. Catherine, Brock cottage, Matlock Green
Taylor John, Trevelyan, Dale road
Thompson Misses Ellen and Mary, Beeches, Snitterton road
Tomlinson Miss, Brookside, Matlock Green
Wagstaff Mrs. Mary, Masson view, Smedley street
Wall Mrs. H. C., Cliff house, Lime Tree hill
Walters Mrs. Elizabeth, Thornton house, Bank road
Warriner Wm., Spa cottage, The Dimple
Wigston, Misses R. & E., Leicester villa, Bank rd
Wildgoose Mrs. Rachel, Oldham house
Wright Mrs, King's Bridge terrace
Wright Mrs. Susan, Smedley street
Wrigley Joseph, Dale road

Architects & Surveyors.
Doughty Robert S., Dale road
Turner James, Crown square

Auctioneers & Valuers.
Else & Son, Matlock Bridge
Hodgkinson Joseph, Matlock Bridge

Bakers & Confectioners.
Boden John, Crown buildings
Buxton Isaac, Matlock Bank
Grover Alfred, Bank road
King William, Jackson road
Moore William H., Dale road
Statham George, Matlock Bank
Whirrett George, Church street
Wrigley Joseph, Dale road

Crompton & Evans' Union Banking Co Ltd. ; Edward DOWN, manager (draw on Glynn & Co., and Barclay & Co.)
Derby and Derbyshire Banking Co Ltd. ; Edwin A. G. Jewitt (draw on Williams Deacon & Co.)
Sheffield and Rotherham Joint Stock Bank Ltd. (head office, Sheffield) ; Benjamin William Milward, manager (draw on London & Westminster and Barclay & Co.)

Briddon William Jas, The Cliff
Samuel Edward, Lime Tree hill
Thompson Abram, Crown square
Thompson Jas, Crown square

Drabble, Frederick Henry, Tansley Wood mills
Farnsworth Richard, Lumsdale
Garton Edward, Lumsdale

Boot and Shoe Makers
Bradbury George, Matlock Green
Bunting George, Dale road
Cotton Alfred, Matlock Bridge
Dakin Harry, Smedley street
Hill & Co. Ltd., Dale road
Hilton Stephen, Bank road
Johnson George, Lime Tree hill
Jones Thomas A., Smedley street
Lill William, Church street
Mills Samuel, Smedley street
Slater George E., Wellington street
Statham George, Jackson road

Builders & Contractors.
Askew William B., Dale road
Croft James T., Crown square
Dawes Thomas, The Cliff
Greatorex Thomas, Matlock Green
Hopkinson Frank, New street
Knowles & Son, Jackson street
Wildgoose L. T., Wellington street

Boden Thomas Abel, Banks road
Brown Edward, Matlock Green
Dale George, Matlock Green
Marsden Joseph, Dale road
Platts James, The Dimple
Slack Edward, Crown square
Ward Frank, Jackson street
Ward Frederick, Smedley street
Ward Thomas, Wellington street
Wheeldon James, Bank road
Wooley William, Matlock Bank

Cab and Coach Proprietors.
Bagshaw Robert, The Dimple
Boden Joseph & Sarah, Bank road
Furness William, Bank road
Hand Henry & Son, Pope Carr

Holmes Thomas, to Derby; Mondays and Thursdays; Tuesday and Friday (Rose and Crown)

Chemists & Druggists.
Asbury Thomas, Matlock Bridge
Harker Robert Alfred, Dale Road

Coal Merchants.
Boden Thomas, Midland station
Skirrow William, Midland station
Statham & Sladen Midland station
Wright Tom, Midland station

Brooksbank Charles James, L.D.S., Summerfield
Wright Walter Herbert, L.D.S., D.E.D. (Paris), Dale road

Castle Harry Merry, Dale road
Hadden Mrs. C, Matlock Green
Heys William Henry, Dale road
Holmes Peter Crown buildings, The Square
Loverock & Son, Dale road
Marsden Henry, Dale road
Stockwell Henry F., Bank road

Billing Mrs. Ellen, Church street
Eaton Miss Emma Maria, Ashley Hay house, Dale road
Hague Miss Lucy, Vine terrace
Hardy Miss Elizabeth, Vine terrace
Johnson Miss Elizabeth Ann
Mills Miss Edith, Smedley street
Montgomery Miss Ellen, Vine terrace
Slack, Miss Lavinia, Snitterton road
Taylor Miss Annie, Vine terrace
Knowles Miss Annie, Jackson road

Askew Thomas
Beardsley Francis, The Hall, Riber
Bowman Henry, Cuckoostone Grange
Bridge Thomas
Edge William, Cuckoostone Dale
Else Mrs. Ann, Lime Tree farm
Goodwin George William, The Wolds farm
Goodwin Thomas
Hatfield Walter, Yew Tree farm
Hole George, Asker farm
Ludlaw Mrs. Hannah
Taylor Jarvis
Taylor Timothy, Hill Top farm
Wall John, Riber Hall
Wardle, Martin, Megdale farm
Wheeldon, Joseph

Fish, Game & Poultry Dealer.
Pride William, Crown square

Fruit & Potato Merchant (wholesale).
Burrell William D, Smedley street

Brown John, (and florist)
Burrell William D., Smedley street
Doxey Joseph, Smedley street
Farnworth George, Matlock Green
Sulley John, Pope Carr
Thompson James, Crown square

Grocers, Tea & Provision Dealers.
Bagshaw Benjamin, Dale road
Lee Robert Edmund, Dale road
Matlock Industrial Provident Society Ltd., Smedley street and Matlock Green
McCheane William Cronyn, Smedley street
Orme Robert & Co., (and wine and spirit merchants), Matlock Bridge
Taylor John, Matlock Green
Treadgold Bros, (and wine and spirit merchants), Dale road
Wilson John Poyser Jackson road

Hosiery Manufacturers.
Crowder William, Jackson road
Hurd Sons & Co (wholesale), Portland Grange
Potter John William, The Dimple

Hotels and Inns.
Boat House, Dale road, William Wood
Crown Hotel, family and commercial, Crown square, George Pegler
Duke of Wellington, Matlock Bank, George Ward
Duke William, Town, Joseph Twigg
Gate, Bank road, William Boden
Horse Shoe Hotel, Matlock Green, Thomas Evans
King's Head, Matlock Town, Joseph Marsden
Old English Hotel, Matlock Bridge, Arthur Wall
Queen's Head, Matlock Bridge, W. C. Abbott
Red Lion Inn, Matlock Green, Job Spendlove
Royal Oak, The Cliff, Thomas Taylor
Star, Church street, William Crowder

Hydropathic Establishments.
Bank House Hydro ; Henry Ward, proprietor
Belle Vue Hydro ; Adam and Mrs. Alsop, proprietors
Chesterfield House Hydro
Dalefield Hydro ; G. B. Barton, proprietor
Elm Tree Hydro ; William Bramfield
Jackson House Hydro ; G. B. Barton, proprietor
Malvern House Hydro, Smedley street ; Job Smith
Matlock House ; Miss Wise, manageress
Old Bank House ; Jonas Brown
Oldham House Hydro ; John and Mrs. Wildgoose
Poplar Cottage Hydro ; T. Davis & Sons
Prospect Cottage Hydro ; T. Davis & Sons
Rockside Hydro ; Miss A. E. Goodwin, manageress. Elevation 800 feet above sea level; re-furnished throughout; finest view in Matlock; under new management; Cable tram service from Matlock Bridge to front gate
Rose Cottage Hydro ; The Dimple; Charles Eyre
Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, Limited
Smedley Memorial Hospital; Miss S. Seddon, secretary and manageress
Spring Villa Hydro ; John Wheeldon
Sycamore House Hydro ; John Dawes
Tor House Hydro ; George Davis

Limestone Quarries.
Constable W. E. & Co., Cawdor quarries
Greatorex Job & Son, Harvey quarries

Potter James, clerk to magistrates for the petty sessional division, Dale road
Sleigh Miles Atkinson, clerk to Matlock Urban District Council and Cable Tramway Company Ltd., Market Hall chambers

Stone Merchants and Gritstone Quarry Owners.
Askew William Brightmore, Dale road
Beck Thomas, Midland station
Boden George, Green and Poor Lots quarries
Bridge Thomas, Tansley road and Poor Lots quarries
Drabble Thomas Cooper, Midland station, and Bentley Brook, Farley, and Darley Dale quarries
Wildgoose John, The Bank

Surgeons & Physicians.
Kinch George Henry, M.R.C.S., L.S.C.P., Knowleston place
Moxon, William, L.R.C.P., L.M. Edin., M.R.C.S., Medical officer of health for Matlock district and Darley Dale Hydro &c., West view
Sharpe W. Cecil, M.B., Smedley's Hydro

Gregory William, Lime Tree hill
Hill William, Bank road
Statham Joshua, Matlock Green
Toplis Joseph, Smedley street
Ward George Frederick, Smedley street

Wine and Spirit Merchants and Dealers
Bridge Luke, Bank road
Felthouse Charles, Smedley street
Orme Robert & Co., Matlock Bridge
Treadgold Bros, Dale road

Holmes Thomas, to Derby; Tuesday and Friday (Rose and Crown)

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