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Matlock and Matlock Bath : Kelly's, 1848
19th Century Directories - Commercial, Trades and Private Residents

The Post Office Directory of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutlandshire. Pub. Kelly and Co., London (1848), pp. 2461-2463


Arkwright Peter, esq. Willersley castle
Clay Mr. Thomas, Green
Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, Cromford bridge
Fowler Miss, Green
Holmes Thomas H. esq
Little Francis, esq. Swiss cottage
Melville Rev. William Rylance, M.A. [rector]
Milnes Charles, esq. Wood end
Morris Captain
Nuttall George, esq
Radford Edward, esq. [Magistrate], Tansley wood
Stephens, Henry, esq. The Shaws
Wragg Frederick, esq

Adams Robt. saddle & harness maker
Blackwell Joseph, miller, corn mercht. & Farmer, Matlock mills
Blanksby William, blacksmith
Boden Thomas, grocer & baker
Bown Mrs. Mary Ann, "Horse Shoe"
Bratby William, grocer
Brelsford George, boot & shoe maker
Bunting Reuben, carpenter & whlwrght
Charlton Jno. Saddle & harness ma. Grn
Clarke Wm. gentlemen's bdng. schl. Grn
Clayton Robert, painter
Eaton Anthony, Boat House inn
Ellis John, carpenter & builder
Evans John, grocer, draper & ironmngr
Farnsworth John, bleacher & grocer
Froggatt John, carpenter & whlwright
Garton John, bleacher & manufacturer of barytes, Lumsdale mills
Gregory Joseph, tailor
Harding John & Thomas, railway contractors, Cromford bridge
Harrison Francis, farmer, Bow wood
Hill Benjamin, blacksmith
Holmes John, carrier
Hornet Peter, 'King's Head'
King George, tailor
Kirkland Charles, farmer, Amber house
Knowles Job, farmer
Ludlam Henry, maltster
Marsh Matthew, farmer
Oates Jonathan, tinman & brazier
Oates Walter, grocer
Robinson Luke, carpenter
Rouse John, 'Red Lion,'& carrier
Shaw Job, 'Duke William'
Smith Stephen, hat manufacturer
Spencer Timothy, 'Wheatsheaf,' & frmr
Spencer William, boot & shoe maker
Statham George, boot & shoe maker
Statham Joshua, tailor
Statham Nathan, grocer & provision dlr
Stevens Thos. manufacturer of barytes
Stevens William, butcher
Stevenson William, 'Blue Ball'
Taylor Timothy, farmer, Bow wood
Taylor William, farmer, Castle-top
Walker Charles, mining agent
Walters Joseph, draper
Ward Wm. farmer; Cuckoostone dale
Wheatcroft Nathl. jun. coal merchant, canal carrier & frmr. Willersley farm
Wheeldon Moses, grocer & draper
White Henry, blacksmith
Wigley George, farmer, Littlemore
Wildgoose Fras. & Lawrence, farmers, Hurst
Wright Charles, earthenware dealer
Wright James, carpenter, Green
Yeomans John, farmer & shopkeeper

Letters are received through Matlock office

National School, Robert Bunting, master
To DERBY-John Holmes every thurs
To CHESTERFIELD-John Rouse, every wed. & sat
To WIRKSWORTH-John Rouse, every fr

Matlock Bath

Adam Joseph, esq
Barker Rev. Wm. Gibbs
Chinery William, esq Primrose cottage
Clarke Charles, esq. [magistrate]
Collingwood Henry Salkeld James, esq , Tor cottage
Darwin Edward Levett, esq
Evans Walter Mather Shore, esq. Temple
Greaves John, esq. Rock villa
Harward the Misses, Dale cottage
Leacroft Miss Catherine, Cliff house
Leacroft Col. Richard Beecher, Tor ho
Lomas William, esq
Newbold Jas. Clifford, esq. The Tower
Newnes Rev. Thos. Mould [Independt]
Parkyns Miss Caroline, Cliff house
Rawlinson Miss E. Belmont cottage
Robinson Mr. Thomas
Watson Richd. Barrett, esq. Guilderoy ho

Adam John Wm. Jun. bookseller,printer, stationer, library & news room, & depot for the Religions Tract society
Adam Joseph, surgeon, Museum parade
Adam Mrs. Emma Rebecca, confectioner & dealer in British wines
Adam Wm. mineralogist & lecturer & wholesale & retail spar & marble manufacturer, Old Royal Museum
Allen John, gentlemen's boarding schl
Barker Miss Mary, lodging house kpr. Dale house
Bird Edward, artist
Boden Abel, baker
Boden Joseph, lodging house keeper & dealer in spar & marble goods
Brinsley Mrs. Betty, carrier
Broadfoot John, draper & teadealer, The Villa
Broadfoot Mrs. Elizth. lodging house keeper, The Villa & posting house
Britland Joseph, beer retailer
Bryan Benj. proprietor of the Devonshire cavern, & lessee of the Royal Rutland cavern
Buxton John, spar & marble manufacturer, Royal Museum
Carding Mrs. Hannah, lodging ho. kpr
Chinery Wm. surgeon, Primrose cottge
Cooke Miss Emily, milliner & dressma
Cooke Mrs. Lydia, milliner & dressma
Cotes John, painter, paperhanger & lodging housekeeper, Belle Vue
Crouch Mrs. Elizth. berlin repository
Crouch Jas. carpenter & cabinet maker
Cumming Miss Alice Ann, ldging. ho. kpr
Dakin Joseph, lodging house keeper
Darwin Edwin Levett, solicitor
Derbyshire Mrs. Ann, lodging house keeper, Fountain villas
Ellis William, 'Devonshire Arms,' & carpenter & builder
Evans Mrs. Hester, Temple family hotel
Evans Walter Mather Shore, solicitor
Fairbank Edwd. chemist & druggist
Froggatt Benj. proprietor of the Speedwell mine
Frost Wm. Hy. cabinet ma. & upholsterer
Gell Mrs. Thomas, lodging house keepr
Greaves William, Old Bath Royal family hotel & posting house, & at the Rutland Arms hotel, Bakewell
Greenhough Edward, linendraper
Gregory John, lodging house keeper & spar & marble worker
Hall Nathaniel, lodging house keeper
Hardy Samuel, licensed to let horses
Harrison George, 'King's Head'
Hartle Robt. comb ma. & spar & marble wkr
Hodgkinson Job, Hodgkinson's hotel, & wine, spirit, ale & porter merchant
Hodgkinson Joseph, grocer
Horton Mrs. Charlotte, hosier & hatter
Kiddy Samuel, 'Rutland Arms'
King Jas. tailor & lodging house keeper
King William, tailor
Lymn Charles & Son, bootmakers
Marsden Lewis, coal & porter merchant
Martin Francis, currier & leather cutter
Milnes & Newbold, solicitors
Milnes James, clerk to trustees of the Cromford & Belper, Tupton & Ashover, Birkin lane, & the Duffield & Wirksworth turnpike roads, & commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women, & master extraordinary in Chancery
Newbold James Clifford, master extra ordinary in Chancery, commissioner in all the law courts, agent to the Crown life assurance, & clerk to the Wirksworth magistrates
Neale Luke, lodging house keeper
Noel John, lodging house keeper
Ogdon Francis, spar & marble worker
Ogdon John, lodging house keeper
Otter Misses Mary & Maria, ladies' boarding & day school
Pearson Joseph, lodging house keeper, & spar & marble worker
Potter William, lodging house keeper, Montpelier house
Saxton George Withers, Saxton's New Bath family hotel & posting house
Saxton Richard Edward, jeweller & dealer in spar & marble goods
Shore Miss Frances, postmistress & lodging house keeper
Simons George, paper manufacturer
Skidmore Miss Margaret, grocer
Skidmore Samuel, linendraper
Smedley Mrs. Ellen, lodging house keepr
Smedley Job, grocer & baker
Smedley Peter, spar & marble worker & proprietor of the Cumberland cavern
Smedley Thomas, spar & marble workr
Smedley Wm. spar & marble worker, Saxton's green
Smedley Wm. spar & marble worker, lodging house keeper, Fountain villas
Smedly Peter, spar & marble worker
Smith Joshua, licensed to let horses & lodging house keeper
Smith Richard, blacksmith
Smith William, gardener
Statham Isaac, boot & shoe maker & lodging house keeper
Taylor James, butcher
Tomlinson Joseph, butcher
Vallance John mineralogist & whole & sale & retail spar & marble manufacturer, Centre Museum
Walker Geo. lodging ho. kpr. Alpine cot
Walker Thomas, Walker's family hotel
Wheatcroft Edwd. bootmaker, leather cutter & currier
Wild Miss Sarah, milliner & dressmaker

POST OFFICE.-Miss Frances Shore, postmistress. Letters arrive from London, per mail cart, at 25 m. to 7 a.m. & dispatched thereto at 1/2 past 7 p.m. Letters arrive from Derby & other parts at 1/2 past 10 a.m. dispatched at 1/2 past 4 p.m. ; from Manchester, Stockport Buxton & Bakewell at 1/2 past 4 p.m. dispatched at 1/2 past 10 on the following morning; from Wirksworth at 1/2 past 7 p.m. dispatched at 25 m. to 7 on the following morning. A rural post leaves here for Matlock Town, Tansley & Lea, Darley, Rowsley, Cromford, Bonsall & Winster, at 1/2 past 7 & returns at 6 p.m. Box closes at 1/2 past 6 p.m. but letters may be posted till 7 on the payment of Id. extra. Money Orders are granted & paid at this office from 9 till 5 daily, except during the hours of divine service on Sunday

Clerk to Wirksworth Magistrates, James Clifford Newbold, esq
Clerk to Trustees of the Cromford, Belper, Tupton, Ashover, Birkin Lane, Duffield & Wirksworth Turnpike Roads, James Milnes, esq
Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments of Married Women, James Milnes, esq
Commissioner in all the Law Courts, James Clifford Newbold, esq
Masters Extraordinary in Chancery, James Milnes & James Clifford Newbold, esqrs

INSURANCE AGENT.-Crown Life, James Clifford Newbold, esq

Old Bath Royal family hotel, William Greaves
Saxton's New Bath hotel, George Withers Saxton

Old Royal Museum, William Adam
Centre Museum, John Vallance
Royal Museum, John Buxton
Depôt for the Religious Tract Society, John William Adam, Jun.

COACH-The Royal Mail, to Manchester, calls at the Old Bath Royal hotel, every morn. at 1/4 past 10; & to Derby at 45 min. past 3 every aft

OMNIBUSES to Ambergate railway station, 4 times a day in the summer season, & twice in winter

To DERBY-John Holmes, every Thurs.; & Mrs. Betty Brinsley, every tues
To CHESTERFIELD-John Rouse, every wed. & Sat
To SHEFFIELD-Mrs. Betty Brinsley, every fri
To WIRKSWORTH-John Rouse, every fri

Matlock Bank

Addy John, farmer
Bagshaw John, millwright
Ballington George, boot & shoe maker
Barker John, 'Rose,' & painter
Boden George, farmer
Boden Samuel, 'Gate'
Brailsford William, gardener
Davis Horatio, grocer & draper
Davis William, 'Miner's Arms'
Else Charles, farmer
Farnsworth John, grocer & bleacher
Goodwin Mrs. Ann, farmer
Hurd James, stone mason & beer retailer
Jenny Joseph, grocer
Keeling George, plumber, glazier, &c
King Anthony, grocer
Ludlum Thomas, farmer
Marriott James, Jun. farmer, Dimple
Moore Peter, baker
Potter Henry, hosier, Dimple
Shaw George, stone mason
Smith George, sen. gardener
Sybray John, farmer, Dimple
Taylor Joseph, painter
Wall Thos. ' Horse & Jockey,' & butche
Wheatcroft Leonard, farmer, Dimple
Wildgoose Ralph, boot & shoe maker
Wildgoose Thomas, farmer, Limetree house
Young Charles, stone mason, Dimple

Letters are received through the Matlock Bath office

Matlock Bridge

Adams John, esq
Higgs Mrs. Ann
Nuttall Mrs. Mary
Stevens Henry, esq. The Shaws

Adams John, surgeon, Bridge house
Boden Job, farmer
Bratby William, grocer
Cardin John, wheelwright
Cardin Michael, bar master & proprietor of the High Tor grotto
Dale Thomas, railway contractor
Eaton Charles, 'Boat House,' porter merchant & lime burner
Else John, assistant overseer & collector of income & assessed taxes
Greatorex Joseph, farmer, Masson
Greatorex Joshua, farmer, Greenhills
Gregory George, 'Crown'
Hatfield Isaac, farmer, Masson
Hawley George, blacksmith
Hodgkinson Lindsey, grocer & post office
Holmes Barnard, boot & shoe maker
Hurd John, grocer & stone mason
Marriott James, Sen. farmer
Marriott John, butcher & farmer
Roose William, beer retailer
Roper Mrs. 'Queen's Head,' & farmer
Scudamore Misses Susan, Catherine & Tamar, ladies' boarding school
Stevens Edward, butcher & farmer
Walters Thomas, linendraper & dealer in british wines

POST OFFICE.-Lindsey Hodgkinson, postmaster. Letters arrive from Matlock Bath at 20 min. past 8 a.m. dispatched thereto at 5 p.m


Allen George, farmer
Allsop John, farmer
Caline William, farmer
Fox William, farmer & hatter
Haynes Thomas, farmer
Platts William, cattle dealer & farmer
Taylor George, farmer
Taylor Timothy, farmer
Wall George, farmer
Wall Henry, farmer

Letters are received through Matlock Bath office

Scarthin Nick

Wheatcroft Jabez, esq

Beastall Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer
Boden Anthony, beer retailer & butcher
Boden Edward, butcher
Boden Samuel, whitesmith
Brocklehurst Richard, boot & shoe maker
Gregory Mrs. grocer & ale & porter merchant
Hodgkinson Saml. greengrcr. & fishmngr
Lymn Charles, boot & shoe maker
Roose Richard, hatter
Smith John, grocer & baker
Starlock Samuel, boot & shoe maker
Stone John, confectioner
Stone Wm. Sen. carpenter & builder
Stone William, Jun. carpenter
Taylor Thos. Fish, architect & surveyor
Toplis John, grocer
Wain Thomas, tailor
Walker John, 'Bull's Head' & carpentr
Wheatcroft Abraham, coal & timber mer
White Samuel Moore, grocer & draper
Wildgoose Geo. china & earthenware dl
Winson George, beer retailer & boot ma
Weston Anthony, spar & marble worker

Letters are received through the Matlock Bath office


Carline Joseph, hat manufctr. & farmer
Fox Joseph, beer retailer & farmer
Fox Luke, farmer
Fox Saml. 'White Lion,' & boot & shoe ma
Fox William, Sen. farmer
Statham Solomon, grocer
Statham William, grocer & hatter
Walker Job, hat manufacturer
Walker Thomas, boot & shoe maker

Letters are received through the Matlock Bath office

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An Ann Andrews transcript
With my grateful thanks to Martin Rowley for sending copies of the directory for transcription
Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory