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Matlock & Matlock Bath : Glover's Directory, 1827-8-9
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Directory of the County of Derby
Accurately taken during the years 1827, '8, and '9, by Stephen Glover Derby: Printed for the Publisher by Henry Mozley and Son, Sold in London by Longman & Co. ...., pp.84-5

C = Copyholder
F = Freeholder

, a village, township and parish in the Hundred of Wirksworth.

Lords and Lady of the Manor, Bache Thornhill, Esq.; Philip Gell, Esq.; and Miss Toplis.

FAIRS, February 25th, April 2nd, May 9th, July 16th and October 25th.

COACHES to and from London, Manchester, Derby and Nottingham, pass through this village daily; viz. the Bruce, the Times, the Peverel of the Peak, London and Manchester, and the Lord Nelson; Nottingham, Derby and Manchester Coaches.

POST-OFFICE. Samuel Hodgkinson, Post-master. The London Mail-bags arrive, and letters to Bakewell are despatched every afternoon at three, and arrive every morning at a quarter past five, when letters are forwarded to Derby and London.

CARRIERS, John Brimsley, to Derby every Tuesday, and returns on Wednesday. To Sheffield every Friday, and returns on Saturday. William Gregory, from the Red Lion, Matlock, to Wirksworth every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and to Chesterfield the following days. George Toplis, from Darley to Wirksworth and Chesterfield, twice a week. John Pidcock, from Darley to Manchester, through Bakewell every Tuesday morning, and returns every Friday.

Adams John, surgeon
Adams Robert, saddler
Alsop John, farmer
Ballington Thomas, hatter, C.
Ballington George, shoemaker
Barlow John, national schoolmaster
Barnes Thomas, twist doubler
Boden Anthony, baker, F.
Bown James, watchmaker and vict. Crown
Bown John, corn miller, F.
Bown William, vict. Horse Shoe
Bown Sarah, linen draper
Brailsford Sarah, grocer
Britland Joseph, hatter, F.
Buckley James, miner, F.
Buckley Job, miner, C. and F.
Carlisle James, vict. Square and Compasses
Carlisle Joseph, grocer (Starkeny)
Cracroft Miss (Tansley wood)
Crowder James, hosier, F.
Daffin Abanathar, farmer, F.
Ellis William, joiner, C.
Farnsworth John, plumber and glazier
Fentem George, grocer
Fletcher, James, butcher and vict. Boat House
Fox Joseph, farmer, F.
Fox William, hatter, C. and F.
Garton John, gent. bleacher (Lumsdale) F.
Gaunt William, butcher and vict. King George
Gell, Rev. Philip, curate, F.
Godson Decimus, gent. civil engineer
Goodwin Thomas, farmer
Hackett Thomas, small-ware manufacturer, Tansley
Harvey Joseph, maltster
Hawley George, blacksmith, F. and C.
Haynes Francis, farmer
Haynes George, farmer, F.
Hepworth George, tallow chandler, F. and C.
Higgott George, corn miller
Higgott Edward, flour dealer
Higgs Richard, butcher
Hodgkinson Samuel, grocer
Holkham Rev. Dr. rector
Janney Joseph, stone mason, F.
King John, tailor and draper
King Thomas, tailor
Knowles Peter, boot and shoemaker
Knowles George, miner, F.
Knowles Thane, butcher
Leacroft Richard, esq. Cliffe house, F.
Leys Anthony, grocer, F. and C.
Lomas John, baker
Lowe Jane, vict. Wheat Sheaf
Marsden Samuel, saddler
Moore George, lace manufacturer and vict. Red Lion
Norton Charles, esq. Limetree house
Nuttall John, esq. surveyor, F.
Nuttall George, gent. surveyor, F.
Nuttall Mrs.
Pearson Joseph, hatter
Potter Mrs. and Miss Jodd, ladies' boarding school
Radford Edward, esq. F. and C.
Radford John and Son, candle-wick manufacturers (Lumsdale) F.
Reeves Joseph, butcher
Reeves Thomas, blacksmith
Robinson George, joiner, C and F.
Saxton The Misses, ladies' boarding-school
Smithurst Hannah. vict. George and Dragon
Smith John, hatter
Smith George, auctioneer, nursery and seedsman and vict. Horse and Jockey
Silvery James, butcher
Spencer Timothy, farmer, F.
Swettenham James, jun. esq. Aukland hall, F.
Swindell John, farmer, F.
Taylor John, farmer, F.
Tissington George, mineral agent
Trickett William, Wheelwright
Walker John, gent. F.
Walker John, hatter
Walker Septimus, grocer, F.
Wall John, farmer, C.
Wall Henry, labourer, F.
Walton Anthony, stone mason and vict. Queen's Head, F. and C.
Wheatcroft Nathaniel, gent. (Cromford) F. and C.
White Sarah, linen draper
White George, blacksmith
Wildgoose John, farmer, F.
Wilson Luke, vict. Duke William
Wright and Co. grocers
Wright James, shoemaker

, a village and celebrated watering-place in the township and parish of Matlock, H. of W.

POST-OFFICE, Miss Frances Shore, Post-Mistress. The London and Derby letters are received a quarter of an hour earlier, and the Bakewell a quarter of an hour later, than Matlock.

COACHES the same as at Matlock.

Blunden William, surgeon
Boden Joseph, spar manufacturer and lodging house, F.
Bown Mrs. botanic gardens
Briddon George, blacksmith
Britland Joseph, lodging house
Buxton John, joiner
Chadwick James, spar manufacturer
Chenery William, surgeon, Dale cottage
Cummings Mary, vict. Old Bath
Evans Mrs. Esther, Temple lodging house
Gilbert Jonathan, esq. M. D. Tower
King William, tailor
Lazard Thomas, spar manufacturer
Marshall George, shoemaker
Martin George, spar manufacturer
Mawe John (Royal) museum for Derbyshire spar, black marble ornaments, &c.
Milnes James, esq. solicitor
Payne, Colonel, F.
Pearson Joseph, spar manufacturer, F. and C.
Pearson James, sen. miner, fifty years guide to the cavern, F.
Pearson James, board and lodging house
Powndall Thomas, cheese factor, licensed to let post horses, F. and C.
Rawlinson James, gent. portrait painter, F.
Rayner John, gent. artist
Redfearn George, lodging house
Robinson Thomas, vict. Hotel, F. and C.
Rolly William, shoemaker
Saxton George, vict. New Bath
Shore James, spar manufacturer
Simpson Samuel, esq. Temple, F.
Skidmore John, grocer, hosier and paper manufacturer, F. and C.
Smedley Peter, lodging house and spar ornament manufacturer
Smedley John, spar ornament manufacturer
Smedley Thomas, vict. King's Head
Smith Mrs. lodging house
Stone William, joiner, F.
Taylor Eliza, milliner
Vallance John, gent. museum, F.
Walker Richard, board and lodging house
Walker John, shoemaker
Ward Rev. Richard, F.
White Sarah, grocer and draper
Wild Peter, shoemaker
Woolley Mrs.

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Note: spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory