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Matlock's War Memorial, After the Unveiling Ceremony
War Memorial, Matlock

Matlock's War Memorial was unveiled on 7th August 1921. The photographs for the first two postcards were taken shortly after the ceremony and show the large number of wreaths and other floral tributes that were placed on the base of the monument. The postcard above, which is exceptionally clear, shows a small group of people reading the lists of names, amongst whom is one of the war veterans. This might have been Col. Sergt. Cocking, who was mentioned during the service[1]. One lady can be seen clutching what looks like an order of service.

"There was a great assembly at the unveiling, which took place at 3.30 on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was very unpropitious, and rain fell during the whole of the ceremony. The proceedings opened with an assembly of ex-service men in Crown Square who were under the command of Captain Douglas, and here a procession of a considerable length was formed, headed by the Matlock Silver Prize Band, and including the Matlock Boy Scouts[1]". Amongst the dignitaries and local officials were Rev. J. B. Hyde, Vicar of All Saints; Canon J. W. Kewley, Rector; Rev. Geo. H. Russell, Congregational Pastor; Rev. T. B. Heward, Primitive Methodist minister; Mr. F. C. Arkwright; Councillor L. G. Wildgoose, who also conducted the Band; Councillor Mr. E. P. Drabble; Mr. F. L. Slater, who sounded the Last Post and Mr. Charles F. White, M.P.. Rev. Hyde and Mr. Arkwright were also mourning their own sons.

"An impressive item was the reading of the inscription and of the list of fallen heroes of Matlock, to whom the monument is dedicated. This was read by the Rev. Heward", who began:

"1914-1919-In grateful and loving remembrance of our men, who gave their lives for honour and freedom".

There were several speeches and both Lubin Wildgoose and Charles White mentioned the widows and fatherless children. Frederic Arkwright thanked everyone concerned before reminding his audience that "we must not forget in memorialising the fallen dead the services rendered by those more fortunate ones who survived the war. They went through the same horrors and agonies as those who laid down their lives, and they had been mercifully spared. Many of them were wounded, and some disabled. Let us never forget what these surviving ones had done, as well as the men who gave their lives. Let us take every opportunity of helping them in times of need - and let us show our gratitude by giving them every help they required. We must do all we could to see that there was no repitition of this terrible calamity with which the world had been smitten"[1]. He added that "Matlock had been a little behind some places, not because they were forgetful of those who died, but because there were various opinions regarding the form the memorial should take"[2].

War Memorial, Matlock
"One hundred and seventy-nine men went out of Matlock in the strength of their manhood to do battle for us - they never returned" (Charles White, M.P.).[1]
"May you and I be able to save our day and generation just as these heroes have done" (Councillor L. G. Wildgoose, C.C.).[1]

war memorial
"Let us tend and keep it that it will be a real garden of memory for those who come to visit it" (Councillor E. Drabble, J.P.)[1].
This card was published in 1923, so slightly later than the previous two images.

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All three postcards in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Information researched, written and provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] The High Peak News of August 13, 1921, with thanks to County Hall LSL for providing the photocopy.

[2] "Derbyshire Courier", 13 August 1921.