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Unveiling Matlock Bath's War Memorial
Memorial covered with the Union Flag

Here are two of the three photographs that were taken during the unveiling ceremony on 21 May 1921. A large crowd of invited guests and local residents, including the family members of the men who had died, were present. Several members of the web mistress's family attended the service.

The Chairman of the committee who had raised funds for the memorial was John William Boden, and he was supported at the ceremony by Mr. F. C. Arkwright; Rev. W. Askwith, the Vicar of Holy Trinity; Councillor A. W. Witham, Chairman of the UDC; Charles Frederick White, M.P.; Rev. B Hughes Smith, Wesleyan Minister and Matlock Bath Councillors. J. W. Boden had been colour sergeant for the old "F" Company of Volunteers[1]. Rev. Askwith was to leave Matlock Bath the following week, so this was his last public act for the village.

During the ceremony he dedicated the memorial with a short prayer, including the words:

"... in memory of our brothers departed:

George William Boden
Matthew Boden
Frank Wigley Boden
William Henry Britland
Edgar Buxton
Thomas Cecil Burdett
John Clay
Clarence Hugh Coates
Lewis George Dickinson
William Henry Elliott
Ernest Ellis
William John Finney
William Henry Gregory
Dick Hardstaff
Angus Walker Hall
William Ernest Knight
Arthur Thomas Morgan
Richard Pickford
Thomas Bertram Reynolds
John Seedhouse
Joseph Statham
Alexander Anthony Sims ... [1]"

Although some had undoubtedly seen the carving beforehand, one can imagine a feeling of wonderment and pride amongst all the sadness as the union flag was lowered to reveal the really beautiful memorial.

Memorial after the flag was lowered

Matlock Bath's War Memorial Committee met for the last time towards the end of August that year. The final account was submitted by the committee's secretary Evelyn Newbold, following an audit by C. Booker and F. C. Baker. It showed that subscriptions had been £652 3s. 9d.; with bank interest and unused cheques the total was £670 0s 3d. Beresford and Sons bill amounted to £649 0 6d, with sundries such as printing costs and the unveiling expenses leaving a final balance of 8s 6d. Both Mr. Newbold and Mr. Boden were highly praised for all they had done. With typical modesty, Mr. Boden told the attendees that he regarded the task as a sacred duty[2].

Photographs in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Images scanned for this website and research by and © Ann Andrews.
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[1] From the High Peak News report:"Unveiling and dedication of Matlock Bath War Memorial on 7 May 1921".

[2] "Derbyshire Courier", 27 August 1921. News from West Derbyshire.