In Remembrance
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Derbyshire, Francis Hurt's Crich Stand & the Sherwood Foresters War Memorial
Derbyshire, Darley Dale War Memorial
Derbyshire, Darley Dale, Whitworth Institute Hospital. Staff & Soldiers June 1915
Derbyshire, Lea & Holloway War Memorial
Derbyshire, Matlock, Matlock Bath, Scarthin and Starkholmes War Memorials
Derbyshire, Matlock Bath Memorial, 1920s and 1930s - 4 images
Derbyshire, Shirland Parish Church, St. Leonard's interior. Lists WW1 caualties lower down the page.
Derbyshire, The Vernon Lamb Archives has several sections about WW1 and the 2/6th Sherwood Foresters
Smithies Surname
Surrey, Godalming, High Street - Local Soldiers - Wednesday 5 August 1914.
Men of the local Territorials were given a warm send off, despite inclement weather, as they marched to the station.
Surrey, Godalming, War Memorial Chapel, Charterhouse School, 1927
War Graves, mostly related to our families
WW1 - Le Touquet. Paris Plage. La Gare des Tramways (tram station)
WW1 - The Great War. - Estrées (Somme). Entrance of the Village
[Other Wars] Contributions to the Patriotic Fund, 1854: Crimea collections (Matlock names but of general interest)
[Other Wars] General Redvers H. Buller's V.C.