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Matlock St Giles' Church Baptisms, 1637 - 1856
Baptisms have taken place at Matlock Parish Church for hundreds of years

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The parish register begins with the statement:

A true Regester of all the Christenings;
Marriages; and Burialls: in the in the P[arish]
of Matlock since 1637 September 29

HENRYE Smith : Rector.   Robert Oates }
Henry Knowls } Churchwardens

1637 Christenings
September 29
Matlock Baptisms
1650-1659 1660-1671
1672-1683 1684-1704
1705-1730 1731-1751
1770-1779 1780-1792
1793-1804 1805-1812
1813-1821 1822-1829
1830-1837 1838-1843
1844-1849 1850-1856

  • Bernard Freeman of Manitoba, Canada worked on many of the baptisms for Matlock St Giles' that are presented on this website during 20001/2*, with additional years added in 2005. His work was extracted from the BTs. There have been further additions to fill in the gaps and corrections made by the web mistress since then.

  • In 2018 a further 406 baptisms were added from the parish register to fill most for the years between 1660 and 1672. This work was undertaken by the web mistress and completed in 2019 when the onsite transcripts were also taken back to the beginning of the parish register (i.e. 1637). An addition to some early sections of the parish register are the Rector's and Churchwardens' names, shown where they appear at the bottom of each page in the parish register.

  • The remaining gaps in the baptisms were transcribed and added to the site in April 2020.

  • Whilst every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, it is recognised that individual entries may be open to different interpretation. Please get in touch if your research does not agree with an entry published here as we would like to know.

  • Having said that, some pages are very hard to read. This may be because of the ink that was used, the quality of the microfilms or perhaps from wear and tear. The earliest records, kept by Henry Smith, are easy to read but there are parts from the Shelmerdine era, i.e. during the Civil War, where the names and abodes are difficult to decipher (see Rectors for more about these two men).

  • Names are shown as spelt rather than as they are written today. For example, sometimes the Christian name John was written as Jhon and similarly the surname Johnson was recorded as Jhonson.

  • The earliest baptism transcripts did not include whether a child was the son or daughter. All baptisms up to and including 1774 now include this information, as the relationship was not always clear from the name alone.

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Background info:

  1. The following films, where known, were used for the BT transcripts*: LDS #428924 (1662 -1812), LDS #498102 (1813 -1856).

    The films may be viewed at LDS centres throughout the world and were filmed by the LDS Church from the Bishops Transcripts held at Staffordshire RO, England. Derbyshire Record Office holds the parish register.

    *The BT transcripts were initially done for John Palmer's Wirksworth website. The information was subsequently added to and is published here with Bernie's kind permission and is presented here as close to Bernie's original work as possible. Bernie gave a copy of his work to the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

  2. Ann Andrews contributed minor amendments and additions to the original transcripts when they were first done, with further more major additions in 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2017 which have all been incorporated into the information on these pages.
    Transcripts from 2018 onwards, i.e. for the years 1637-1672 and later years where there had previously been a gap, are © Ann Andrews and are from the parish register. 1832 transcripts © Susan Tomlinson.

  3. All information is held by Ann in databases of her own design.