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St. Giles' Church was
Matlock's only church
for several centuries
About St. Giles' Church

A Printable Map for Visitors to the Churchyard of St. Giles', Matlock

Sketch plan of St. Giles' churchyard, Matlock
Reproduced here with the very kind permission of the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group.
(If the file size is a problem the web mistress can send you a lower resolution version.)

To view the PDF file, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Area letters shown on the map cannot be found within the churchyard, nor do they indicate the number of a burial plot in church records. They are merely a finding aid to help locate the MIs.

  • Some of the inscriptions are no longer readable.

  • If you are seeking an MI published by the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group (i.e. an MI in St. Giles' Churchyard) please contact the web mistress before you write to them as I should be able to provide the reference if it is not already on the web site