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The starting point for finding headstones and other memorials.

Matlock & District researchers are fortunate as the majority of commemorative memorials in and around the churches and chapels of Matlock and Matlock Bath have been transcribed by either the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group or the Derbyshire Family History Society, especially valuable as some of the buildings are no longer places of worship. So even if only the surname is found here, the memorial inscription can still be obtained by approaching one or other society for the transcript.
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To find the headstone for the grave or other memorial please use the following:

  • Surnames Index includes details of where all Matlock and District memorials are, or were, located.
    • The surnames indexes include how to find out more information, especially important if the transcript is not provided on this web site.
    • Also see: St. Giles' Monumental Masons

  • Navigate to the transcripts currently available
    • either by using the menu on the right »
    • or by using the Surnames Index, which links to individual memorials

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Memorial Cards for Internments at St. Giles' and elsewhere: small collection of cards printed between 1889 and 1925.
(1), Surnames A-B, surnames Alsop, Bannister and Byard.
(2), Surnames C, surname Cooper.
(3), Surnames D-R, surnames Davis, Derbyshire, Fox, Hursthouse, Ridley.
(4), Surnames S-W, surnames Smith, Wildgoose, Wood and Woodhouse.

These lists would not have been possible without the help of the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group, the Derbyshire FHS, the Vicar of Holy Trinity, Matlock Bath and his team, all of whom have given written permission to reproduce their copyright material. Also some individuals who have very kindly contributed either family MIs or photographs for me to transcribe. I am very grateful to them.