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Matlock St Giles' Church Burials : Clerks' Books, 1819, 1842
Matlock Parish Church was, for hundreds of years, the only burial place in the Matlocks

Extracts from the Clerk's Book for Matlock

Parish Registers and Bishops' Transcripts may not be the only record of a birth or baptism made by the clerk (vicar / clergyman). The Clerk of Matlock parish kept his own book and it often provides more information about a particular event.

Here are two years of parish history, researched by Mike Spencer.
He compared the burial entry in the register with the entry the Clerk made in his own book.

Matlock Burials
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Clerks Books, 1819, 1842
Additional Entries


  • First entry is from Matlock Register of Burials 1819.
  • Second entry from the Parish clerk's book.
  • If entry exactly the same it is not listed here.
  • Compare with the 1819 transcripts.

8 Jan Hannah Hodgkinson, Bath Wood 37
8 Jan Hannah wife of Joseph Hodgkinson, Bath Wood 39

3 Jan Richard Jaques, Cliffside 68
3 Jan Rich. Jaques Cliff Side 68

12 Jan John Ward 19
12 Jan John of Francis and Lucy Ward 19

7 Feb German Redfern, Bank, 19
7 Feb German son of Samuel Redfern 19

11 Feb Edward Woodhouse, Bank, 72
11 Feb Edward Woodhouse, miner, Matlock Bank 72

22 Feb Lucy Ballington, Bank, 78
22 Feb Lucy wife of Thos Ballington, miner Matlock Bank 78

24 Feb Mary Bradley, Holt Lane, 51
24 Feb Mary widow of Henry Bradley, Holt Lane, 51

28 Feb inf dau of Saml Hollingworth, Upper Wood
28 Feb inf of Saml Hollingworth, Upper Wood, 8m

7 Mar Rbt Gregory Matlock, 2
7 Mar Rbt son of Robart and Mary Gregory, Town Head, 2

14 Mar Eliz: Toothill, Tansley 55
14 Mar Elizb wife of Joseph Toothill, woodturner, Tansley, 55

17 Mar Ann Cardin, Lumsdale, 69
17 Mar Ann wife of Saml. Carding, Lumsdale, 69

17 Mar inf dau of Wm. Rawson, Matlock.
17 Mar an inf, a dau of Wm. and Fanny Rawson, M. Town

1 Apr Geo.Wragg, Scar. Nick 58
1 Apr Geo.Wragg, S.N. miner, 58

2 Apr inf dau of John Gregory,Tansley
2 Apr an infant dau of John Gregory from Tansley

11 Apr Susanna Boden Scar Nick, 8
11 Apr Susanna dau of Anthony and Mary Boden, S.N. 8y

22 Apr Eliz: Davis, Bank 73
22 Apr Elizb Davies, M. Bank 73

24 Apr Mary Buxton, Bank, 71
24 Apr Mary Buxton, wid. M.Bank 71

27 Apr Saml. Walker, Bank, 32
27 Apr Saml. son of Saml Walker, Nailor, Bank, aged 32

14 May Mary Walker, M.Bath, 44
14 May Mary Walker, M.Bath, 44

20 May John Hursthouse, Bank, 21
20 May John Hursthouse, FWK, M.Bank, 21

22 May Benj Limb, Matlock, 62
no entry

27 May inf dau of Chas Crowther, Matlock Mill
27 Mat Elizb inf dau of Chas and Mary Crowder, Matlock Mill

no entry
30 May Lucy dau of Wm and Sarah Vasey, M.Town, Hatter, born 16 Nov 1818

14 Jun Susanna Cardin, Starkholmes, 68
14 Jun Susanna Carding, Stark. 68

16 Jun inf dau of John Knowles, Starkholmes
16 Jun an inf dau of John and Elizb. Knowles, Starkholmes

19 Jun John Wall, Matlock, 64
19 Jun John Wall, Bachelor, 64

28 Jun inf son of John Walton, Bank
28 Jun John infant of John and Mary Walton, M.Bank

1 Jul Sarah Wright, 92
1 Jul Sarah widow of James Wright, aged 92

13 Jul Benj. Dixon, Bank, 5
13 Jul Benjamin son of Saml and Sarah Dixon, 5

18 Jul inf dau of Geo.Bottom, Bank
18 Jul inf of Geo. and Sarah Botham, M. Bank

22 Jul Michael Wildgoose, Tansley, 79
22 Jul Michael Wildgoose from Tansley, miner, 79

27 Jul Katherine Hodgkinson,M. Bridge, 4
27 Jul Katharine dau of Saml and Katharine Hodgkinson, 4

24 Aug David King, Bank, 1
24 Aug David son of James and Mary King. M.Bank. 1½yr

30 Aug Isaac Trevis, Bank, 33
30 Aug Isaac Trevis, M.Bank, lab.33

1 Sep John Cook, Bank 64
1 Sep John Cook and Peter Redfern, both killed by a deadly air, a vapour or damp in a well near the Dimple aged J C 64 P R 15

1 Sep Peter Redfern, Bank 15
[see above entry]

2 Sep Martha Allenby, Matlock, 15
2 Sep Martha Allanby dau of Excise Officer, Mat. Town, 15

4 Sep Eleanor Webb, Starkholmes, 87
4 Sep Eleanor Webb, widdow, Starkholmes, 87

16 Sep Ann Allen, Bank, 2
16 Sep Ann dau of Obadiah and Hanah Alin, M.Bank, 2

18 Sep Joseph Taylor, Bank, 4
18 Sep Joseph son of Thos. and Martha Taylor, M.Bank, 4

13 Oct inf son of James Pearson, M.Bath, 16m
13 Oct an inf dau of James and Ann Pearson near the Bath Hotel aged 16m

30 Oct Geo Crofts, Scarthin Nick, 9
30 Oct Geo son of Wm. and Mary Crofts, S.N., 9

31 Oct Chas Kniveton, Bank, 2
31 Oct Charles son of Wm. and Phillis Kniffton, M. Bank, 2

13 Nov Dorothy Alsop, Holloway, 65
13 Nov Dorothy wife of Dennis Alsop from Holloway, 65

18 Nov Thos Knowles, Common Wood, 2
18 Nov Thos son of John and Dorothy Knowles, Cm Wood, 2

21 Nov Saml Young, S.Nick, 74
21 Nov Saml Young, S.N. aged 74

23 Nov Joseph Bown, M.Bath 37
23 Nov Joseph son of Anthony and Elizabeth Bown, Bath Wood, 37

27 Nov Geo Allen, Bank, 27
27 Nov Geo son of Geo and Sarah Alin, M.Bank 27

3 Dec Peter Boden,S.Nick, 49
3 Dec Peter Boden, S.N. miner, 49

9 Dec Timothy Taylor, Castle Top, 79
9 Dec Timothy Taylor from Castle Hill Top, 79

11 Dec Sophia Clark, Tansley, 41
11 Dec Sophia wife of Geo Clark of Tansley but late of Derby, she cut her throat in a fit of insanity occationed by an inflammation on the Brain aged 41

14 Dec Mary Shaw, Starkholmes, 20
14 Dec Mary dau of Francis and Sarah Shaw, Starkholmes, 20

19 Dec Ann Wildgoose, Tansley, 42
19 Dec Ann dau of Michael Wildgoose from Tansley, 42


  • First entry is from Matlock Register of Burials 1842.
  • Second entry from the Parish clerk's book.
  • If entry exactly the same it is not listed here.
  • Compare with the 1842 transcripts.

7 Jan Isabella Neal, 39
7 Jan Isabella Neal, 49

10 Jan Elizb Rolley, Matlock
10 Jan Elizb Rolley, Cromford

14 Jan Jemima Bradshaw, Wirksworth, 84
14 Jan Jemima Carline, Steeple House, 84

16 Jan Catherine Smith, inf
16 Jan Catherine Smith, 16m

30 Jan Geo Cave M.Bath, inf
30 Jan Geo Cave M.Bath, 10 wks

10 Feb Francis Gregory, Starkholmes 56
10 Feb Francis Gregory, Starkholmes 65

11 Feb Ann Wood, Lumsdale, 13
11 Feb Ann Wood, Lumsdale, 15

17 Feb Thos Topham M. Bank
17 Feb Thos Topham Dimple

27 Feb Sarah Allen M.Bank, 78
no entry

12 Mar Mary Jane King, Matlock, inf
12 Mar Mary Jane dau of John and Jane Ann King, 9m

16 Mar Ann Radfirth M. Bath 5
no entry

no entry
20 Mar Geo Rawson Matlock, 51

20 Mar Jane Ann King, Matlock, 30.
20 Mar Jane Ann King the most affectionate wife of J .King Parish Clerk, who departed this life Tues March 15th inter'd Sunday 20th in the 35th year of her age.

28 Mar Geo Marshall, Matlock Bath, 57
no entry

16 Apr Mary Ann Ludlam, Wirksworth
16 Apr Mary Ann Ludlam, brought from Shottle in p. Wirksworth, 9

20 Apr Dorothy Combs, Matlock, 65
20 Apr Dorothy Combs, Matlock Green, 65

30 Apr Timothy Spencer, Lime Tree Lane, 74
30 Apr Timothy Spencer, Lintree, farmer, 74

19 May James Wray alias Caygill, Boston, Died suddenly in Matlock, 16th Whitsunday
15 May James Ray, Hatter aged 45, He came from Boston to Derby, direct to Matlock where he stopt at Wlm Gaunts Public House which was on Whitsunday when towards the evening to going out at the back door dropt down dead.

22 May George Smith Matlock Bank, 80
22 May George Smith Lime Tree Lane, 80

23 May Thos Rouse Matlock, 55
23 May Thos Rouse, Taghill end, who going from his house in apparent good health to sow some potatoes in a small field on the Cliff Side and while in the act of taking the string from the sack and putting it to his mouth, Deaths dart struck him and he fell never more to see the light aged 55.

24 May James Fletcher, Matlock, 37
24 May James Fletcher, Hunt Bridge, 37

1 June Peter Wragg, Matlock Bank, 55
Peter Wragg, joiner, Matlock Bank, 57

19 June John Young, Steeple House, Wirksworth 26
John Young, Cromford, 26

20 June Emma Smith, Willersley Lane, 11
no entry

26 June Sarah Ann Young, Matlock Bath, 3
Ann Young Matlock Bath, 3

17 Jul James Champion, Matlock Bath, 77
James Champion, Holt Lane, 77

22 Jul Joseph King, Holt Lane,84
Joseph King, tailor, Holt Lane, 84

25 Jul Ann Ward, Levenshulme, Manchester, Lancashire, 85
24 Jul Ann Ward, Levenshulme, Manchester, but late of Matlock Bank, 85

28 Jul Lydia Reaves, Matlock, 34
Lydia Reaves, Matlock Green, 34

2 Aug Catherine Brown, Matlock Bath, 52
Katharine Brown, Matlock Bath, 52

5 Aug Edwin Wheatcroft Matlock Bath, infant
Edwin Wheatcroft, Matlock Bath, 3m.

6 Aug Obadiah Crowder Hurst Hill
Obadiah Crowder, Hurst, 1

12 Aug John Taylor, Hill Top, 67
John Taylor, farmer, Hill Top, 67

14 Aug Sarah Ann Bratby, Matlock Bridge inf.
inf dau of Mr Bratley, Matlock Bridge aged -

18 Aug Ann Tissington, Steeple Grange, Wirksworth
Ann Tissington, Steeple House, Wirksworth, 65

20 Aug Thos Froggatt, Matlock, inf
no entry

9 Sep Alfred Parker, Matlock, inf
Alfred Parker, Town, 11m

13 Sep Joseph Wragg, Matlock, 76
Joseph Wragg, Matlock Bank, 76

19 Sep Geo Bunting, Matlock, inf
Geo Bunting, Clif, 3m

7 Oct Sarah Walton, Matlock, 84
Sarah Walton, Taghill End, 84

9 Oct Abraham Fox, Starkholmes, inf
no entry

24 Oct Henry Rylance Melville, Matlock Rectory, inf
Henry Rylance Melville, born 13 Oct 1842 died 19 Oct

30 Oct John King, Parish Clerk, Matlock, 44
John King, Parish Clerk, died 27 Oct Matlock Town, 40

8 Nov Adam Rowson Matlock Bank, 75
Adam Rawson, Matlock Bank, 75

24 Nov Horatio Davis Matlock Bank, inf.
Horatio Davis Matlock Bank, 7m (or 4, 5, 9m ... ink blot !)

25 Nov William Bowring, Matlock Bath, 35
William Bowring, Matlock Bath, 35 his death was occassioned by a launder falling from the roof of a house when going on the yard laid his scull open and he died the same evening

25 Nov Joseph Janney, Matlock Bank, 72
Joseph Janney, Matlock Banck, 72

1 Dec Ann Johnson, Cliffe, 47
Ann Johnson Matlock Cliff, 47

Compiled from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock and originally circulated to the Derbysgen Discussion Group in 2002.
With grateful thanks to Mike.