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Matlock Bath: North Parade in the 1920s
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Donegani family, about 1900

A quiet North Parade.

On the right of the photograph is the arched entrance of the George Hotel; the name is written in white paint around the arch, something not seen on earlier images. Above it hangs a sign announcing that "Home Brewed Fine Ales" were available on the premises and another sign, on the right side of the arch, reads "Lunches Plus Garage". The wheel of a bicycle is just visible in the entrance way to the garage.

The three women in the foreground are wearing clothes from around the 1920s or so. Behind them is the rather splendid glass covered canopy that used to be outside what was Boden's shop and the sign reads "Harry Boden Confectionery"[1]. Harry Boden married Winifred Donegani at St. Giles in 1907 and the couple ran their confectionery and grocery business on North Parade until the early 1960s. They had a big meat slicing machine in a room immediately behind the shop and there was a big room at the back that the Matlock Bath W.I. used for basket making, etc in the 1950s[2].

On the left hand side of the road, hiding the Promenade from view, is a long length of canvas that used to be placed around the Promenade and Lovers' Walks during holiday times. It is shown on several images of North Parade[3]. In 1931 the Matlocks Urban Council discussed this issue following an appeal for its removal from the Matlock Publicity Association. Some Councillors felt the canvas should go but Councillor Baxter pointed out that, having arranged for acrobats to perform on the Promenade, the Council would not get its money back if the canvas was removed as it would allow the public to view the entertainments without paying the entrance fee[4].

Postcard in the collection of and provided by and © Ken Smith.
Image scanned for this website and information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this website):

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