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A Unique Photographic Record of Matlock & District, 1910-1915, and World War One Soldiers

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Place: Matlock
Property / Street / Road: Carr Villa, Pope Carr Road
Date: 1910 - 1914
Description/Historical Information: Two women outside the detached stone built house, which had a blue slate roof and was described as substantial in 1913 when it was for sale. The house is raised above the level of the road and has railings surrounding the small terrace. It says "Apartments" over the door but the house name above to door is not readable. There are large lumps of coal in the road, presumably delivered to the property next door rather than to Carr Bank, which has a coal-hole; it can be seen in the far end of the wall below the terrace. Access to the terrace and front door was through the gate and from steps at the side of the building closest to the camera (hidden by the wall), as the railings surrounding the terrace do not touch the house wall. Interestingly, although the house itself seems to have been relatively newly built, the step under the gate (behind the coal) is very worn.
The age of this property is unknown but it is shown on the 1876-1880 1:2,500 O.S. Map of Derbyshire. Carr Villa was for sale in 1913 with Miss Tomlinson as the occupier but at the time of her death in 1940 she owned the house.
Further information
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