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Ward Lock ccover, 1928

The fishpond in Matlock Bath always was a popular subject to photograph and this picture was taken by the local photographer Thomas Meredith Henshall. Although the Ward Lock Guide the image is scanned from was published in 1928 we believe that the photograph was taken several years before and probably as early as 1912-14. The large piece of tufa from which the fountain cascades is considerably smaller than in other images from a similar date. A coloured image of the Fishpond elsewhere on the site dates from about 1920 and the plants and shrubs surrounding the pond are bigger than the ones here. There are two early fish food dispensers beside the railings.

The clothes the people are wearing are probably pre-War, so the photograph dates from the early years of the reign of King George V.

The large white sign slightly obscured by the newly planted tree reads "FERRY AND SCENIC WALK". The vehicles on the main road all appear to date from before the first war. Of the three vehicles shown, the one behind the lamp post on the far side of the road from the Fish Pond and Pavilion Bus Stop belonged to William Furniss who advertised in both Kelly's 1908 and Kelly's 1916 trades directories. One vehicle is outside the booking office.

Photograph taken by Thomas Meredith Henshall of Matlock Bath
Image from Ward Lock & Co's "Matlock, Dovedale, Bakewell and South Derbyshire", Illustrated Guide Books of England and Wales (1928).
From the collection of, provided for this website by and © Ray Ash.
Intended for personal use only.
The photographs in the book were unlikely to have been taken specifically for the guide and were also not necessarily of the same date the book was published.

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