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Godalming, Surrey
A country town in Southern England

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One of the earliest pages on this site, created in 1996, was about Godalming.

Since that time we have added a page about the last public hangings, updated both and created a Godalming section in our Photo Gallery. All are now linked from here.


Picture Gallery : Godalming, Surrey.
Old images of the town and its buildings, including Charterhouse School, accompanied by historical notes. *164 images to date*.
Godalming, Surrey : A selection of interesting facts about the town
One of the earliest pages about Godalming on this site and on the Internet. The page provides a general overview.
Godalming, Surrey : Murder, Trial and Execution, 1817-18.
Report of the Trial of Chennell and Chalcraft in 1818.

Information elsewhere on the Internet (external links open in a new tab or window):

Godalming Town Council.
The Art UK website has portraits of a few of the towns former aldermen, councillors and mayors.
Godalming Museum (now part of Waverley's web site).
Godalming Trust
Surrey History Centre in Woking holds the Godalming parish records.
"Jack" Phillips - Exploring Surrey's Past.
RMS Titanic: 100 Years Later - Passenger List.
Watts Gallery, Compton.
Newgate Prison A list of inmates, victims and those associated with the prison, by Jeff Alvey. Although his original site does not seem to be available any longer, the executions can still be accessed.
The Bodleian Library, Oxford where Peter the Great's feast at the King's Arms is recorded.

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