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Dec 2015 New page:
1. Matlock: Oldham House Hydro, Dining Room, 1908. The dining room had been built in 1899.
2. Matlock: Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1879 - plan. Plan, consisting of 5 drawings, for the Wesleyan Methodist Church that was to be built on the Bank.
3. Matlock Bath: View of High Tor, by F. Chantrey, 1822. Engraving of a Francis Chantrey drawing published in "Peak Scenery".
4. Matlock Dale: Heath Bank, around 1900. Heath Bank is one of a pair of mid-Victorian detached red brick villas which face High Tor.
Changes to:
1. A series of photos, taken around St. Giles by Susan Tomlinson, have been added to the site on the Churches and Chapels page | St. Giles' Church in the First Decade of the Twentieth Century |
2. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames K - W. Two photographs of John Mitchell and a picture of his Memorial Plaque. With many thanks to the Mitchell family for their kind permission and to Neil Argyle for providing the images.
3. A pre 1914 Matlock footballer has been identified. See the Vernon Lamb Archive VLA5253 and VLA5258. Also thanks to Neil Argyle.
4. Flooding in the Matlocks. Photographs of the 2000 floods and a sketch drawing from 1907. With thanks to Susan for these additional images.
Nov 2015 New section:
The two pages of Newspaper Cuttings and Public Notices have been re-designed and moved, so a new index has also been created. The original pages have been deleted.

1. Matlock & Matlock Bath Newspaper Cuttings. A collection of newspaper reports that were published over 75 years ago. This is the new index, in a new section of the site and covers a wide range of events in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber, Scarthin and Starkholmes. They reveal all kinds of historical snippets, with some longer reports or items of significant interest given their own web page.
2. Matlock, Riber & Starkholmes Newspaper Cuttings. The selected reports begin with a quack doctor and the death of a married woman in 1745 and finish with the death of Matlock's then oldest resident in 1928.
3. Matlock Bath & Scarthin Newspaper Cuttings. Beginning in 1751 with the Old and New Bath and ending just before the outbreak of the Second World War with a family funeral.
4. Visit of Princess Victoria & Her Mother, 1832. A good deal has been written over the years about this mid-autumn visit to Matlock Bath by the thirteen year old Princess and her mother.
5. The Matlock Bath Riot, 1863. On Saturday 29th August a large party of Sheffield workers and the managers, clerks and their wives arrived in Matlock Bath for a works outing. The day was to go horribly wrong.
6. The Murder of Martha Morrall, 26 March 1891. During the evening of 26 March 1891 an elderly lady, Mrs. Martha Morrall, was shot through the kitchen window of her home on Bent Lane (now Cavendish Road). Mrs. Morrall and her husband were Quakers.
7. Celebrating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897. Matlock and District marked Queen Victoria's sixty years on the throne in some style on Jubilee Day itself. Bunting was put up and there were lunches and teas, sports and bands entertained the crowds. In the evening there were torchlight processions, lighted candle displays and beacons were lit. The walks in Matlock Bath the were lit with fairy lamps and illuminated boats were out on the river.
8. Matlock & Matlock Bath Newspaper Cuttings, Jul 1914 - Nov 1918. Deals with the First World War, so from the outbreak of war in Europe on 28 July 1914* until shortly after the armistice on 11 November 1918. It begins with a regatta and ends with a wounded soldier, covering a wide range of new stories that are not included elsewhere on the site. *Britain did not declare War on Germany until 4th August.

9. Matlock: Sparrow Park, Smedley Street East, 1940s. Matlock Council did not want to spoil the view.

New information:
10. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames A - J.
- The web mistress is delighted to announce that, as a result of her extensive research into the identity of Private H. L. Grey, a war casualty about whom nothing was known, his details have now been accepted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and he is now listed on their site.
- It is now also known who W. Holland, whose name appears on the memorial, was. He proved hard to find.
11. Matlock's WW1 Casualties Not Listed on the Memorial. A. E. Miller.
Changes to:
1. Matlock & Matlock Bath Public Notices & Announcements. Moved to a new section on the site and the original page has been deleted. There are many new entries. Subjects include sales of property and goods and businesses opening or closing, currently between the years 1758 and 1916.
2. The War Memorials. Many of the casualties have additions to the information already provided. They are too numerous to list individually.
4. Flooding in the Matlocks. Postcard of a swollen river and flooded landing stage, ca 1900 added.
5. Matlock Bath, South Parade & the Pitchings. Image re scanned and the page re written.
Oct 2015 New pages:
1. Matlock: Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1906 - the new spire. Design for the new porch and tower of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Matlock Bridge
2. Matlock: Coup - Else Marriage at St. Giles', 1890. Wedding of one of the Else family of Lime Tree House
3. Matlock Bath: Else & Marsh Wedding, Glenorchy Chapel, 1915. There were two Marsh family khaki weddings in one day. This features one of them. The groom was Sapper John Else. Both with thanks to Judy Cooper.
4. Matlock Bath: Dale Road, Holme Road & the Prospect Tower. Rare photograph of the bottom of Holme Road and a second photo from the station bridge. The Holme Road image from the late Kenneth Smith.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Production in a Church Hall, 1950s. Two larger images have been provided in the hopes that someone with recognise the picture or the people in it and confirm the date.
2. Matlock Bath: Venetian Fête (now Venetian Nights), decorated boats. More names have been added to list of boat prizewinners.
3. Names on Matlock's War Memorial : WW1, Surnames A - J. More about John Else.
4. Matlock's WW1 Casualties Not Listed on the Memorial. More about Samuel Carline
Sep 2015 New page:
Matlock: Slater and Brunt of Matlock Bank. Three generations of the Slater family lived on the Bank in the nineteenth century, some of whom never left Matlock. They would have seen a great deal of change in the town over the years. Thanks to a wonderful album designed and sold by W. N. Statham, photographs of them still remain with the family today.
Additions to:
1. Matlock & Matlock Bath Photographers. William Godber, who briefly worked in Matlock Bath. Photograph back and example of his work (portait of Ann Slater).
2. Matlock Bath: Rider Point, Via Gellia. One of the images has been replaced.
3. Matlock: The Staff of All Saints' School, 1903 now included the names of the staff in 1899.
Aug 2015 New pages:
1. Matlock: Lumsdale, about 1900. Matlock's oldest industrial area, where mills were powered by water from the Bentley Brook. Includes photos of the brook today. With very grateful thanks to Susan Tomlinson for all her her help and for very kindly taking photographs for the web site.
2. Matlock: Harvey Dale Mountain Limestone Quarry, Dale Road. Rare photograph of Greatorex and Son's quarry on Dale Road, with advertisement for both the quarry and the Great Masson Cavern. The images were generously given by the late Kenneth Smith.
3. Matlock Bath: The Great Masson Cavern. Doubt was cast on the ownership of the Masson Cavern in the late 1890s.
Additions to:
1. Matlock. The general history of the town and its various sections has been updated, with the section about Lumsdale re-written. Some photo have been made bigger and others added. Some of the new photos are from Susan Tomlinson.
2. Mrs. Mary Whittaker, Aërated Water Manufacturer
July 2015 New pages:
1. Matlock: Rockside Hydro. From its opening to the outbreak of the first world war. Three images.
2. Matlock: Rockside - Teacher Training College, 1945-88. After the War Rockside was bought by Derbyshire County Council and was converted into a teacher training college.
3. Matlock: Teacher Training College - Rockside Students, 1954-6. Description of student life at the all female Matlock Training College based on a former student's personal experience. With grateful thanks to Mairi Beighton.
4. Matlock: St. Giles' Church in the First Decade of the Twentieth Century. Having been enlarged in the late 1890s, work on the church continued in the early twentieth century.
5. Matlock: St. Giles' Church Interior, about 1910. The church interior, showing the oak stalls, the organ case, and the pulpit.
6. Matlock Bath: Romantic Rocks or Dungeon Tors, 1864. Secluded rocks popular with nineteenth century tourists.
7. Matlock Dale: High Tor & the Suspension Bridge over the Derwent. About 1904, with a description from Abel Heywood's Guide.
8. Matlock Dale: High Tor & Artists' Corner (3). The River Derwent has cut a deep and comparatively narrow gorge through the carboniferous limestone.
9. Matlock: Ernest Bailey's Grammar School Rugby Team, 1949-50. The team en route for Ashbourne. With thanks to Bernard Gale and Phil Wigfull.
10. Matlock Bath: New Bath & Cat Tor from the Cumberland Cavern. The view of Hagg Wood and Cat Tor, taken from outside the Cumberland Cavern in the 1930s. With thanks to Christine Leila Hill.
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Rockside Hydro, 1925-45. A high class hydropathic establishment, advertised as being 800 feet above sea level. It all ended at the outbreak of the second world war. Two more images of the hydro. This page has been almost entirely re-written.
2. Matlock: Rockside Hall - Commemoration Weekends, 1955 & 1956. Matlock Teacher Training College. An additional photo of students performing dance routines at the end of the academic year.
3. There have been changes to every page about Rockside. See the Twentieth and Twenty First Century Images Index (under Rockside).
4. Matlock: Cavendish Road, Claremont and Mr. Rowland
5. Matlock House Hydropathic Establishment Advertisement, 1888. Now includes details of the nineteenth century proprietors and an enlargement of the image of the hydro.
6. Matlock: St. Giles Parish Church, Matlock, before 1908. A second image added, plus a little about the church bells that were cast or recast in 1904.
7. Matlock: St. Giles Church and Old Matlock, early 20th Century. The page has been re-named (it was Matlock: St. Giles, 1909) and a little more information has been added.
8. Matlock: St. Giles Parish Church, Lych Gate. Another image added, plus more information
9. Matlock Bath: High Tor, the Rock Face (1). Now includes a brief description of the first successful climb.
10. Matlock Bath: High Tor, the Rock Face (2) - The Giddy Edge. Now includes an 1861 advertisement about paths and walkways being created.
11. Matlock Bath: Royal Cumberland Cavern. Seven more postcards and additional information. With thanks to Christine Leila Hill for the images.
12. Biographies: Charles Augustus Peters

With thanks to Emily Gaughan for three images:
13. Matlock Bath, Derbyshire - The Switzerland of England. Two additional images.
14. Via Gellia, Derbyshire. A fifth postcard has been added.

With thanks to Susan Tomlinson:
15. Matlock & Matlock Bath Photographers included Statham's 1908 Christmas card of the lych gate at St. Giles.
Mar 2015 New pages:
1. Matlock: Willersley Castle Estate Sale, 1927. Sale of the estate, consisting of about 290 acres - last page of catalogue.
2. Matlock Bath: Lovers' Walks. A brief history of the walks and how they came to be owned by the Council.
3. Matlock Bath: River Derwent and Promenade, about 1904. Three images of the river and promenade alongside North Parade. Including one with thanks to Ken Smith.
4. Matlock Bath: River Derwent, 1906. View of the Derwent favoured by artists.
5. Matlock Bath: River Derwent, 1914.
6. The Derwent at Matlock Bath, 1950. The river at the southern end of North Parade and the hillside above, a few years before the riverside buildings were pulled down. Three images and an advertisement for the Devonshire Hotel.
7. Matlock Bath: The river behind South Parade's shops and businesses. Four postcards of the stretch of the river between the old Devonshire Cafe and the Grand Pavilion from the 1920s and 30s. Plus an enlargement of part of one of them
8. Matlock Bath: River Derwent, Masson Weir. Permission was granted to convey water to the paper mill on the banks of the Derwent. The Masson weir was then constructed. Six images.
9. Matlock Bath: River Derwent from Scarthin Rock. View from the south end of the River Derwent, showing Harp Edge and Woodbank from Scarthin Rock.
10. Matlock Bath: Mrs. Jemima Ballard. Ran several businesses in Matlock Bath at the beginning of the twentieth century and owned a petrifying well. With thanks to John Watts for the photo.

Twentieth century trade directories. 799 additional names:
11. 1912 Kelly's Directory : Matlock, Private Residents 171 names.
12. 1912 Kelly's Directory : Matlock, Commercial Premises A - L } 412 names in total
13. 1912 Kelly's Directory : Matlock, Commercial Premises M - Y }
14. 1912 Kelly's Directory : Matlock Bath : 216 names
15. 1912 Kelly's Directory : Official Establishments, Local Institutions etc
Alterations to some pages:
Because of an increasing number of pictures of the River Derwent, such a major feature in the Matlock Bath landscape, the Twentieth Century Images of Matlock Bath Index has been changed. The section "On the Derwent" has gone, replaced by "River Derwent, from north to south".

File names have also been changed to enable better navigation. The pages affected are:
1. Matlock Bath: River Derwent & the Devonshire Hotel, 1892. Another image, a black and white photograph, has been added to this page.
2. Matlock Bath: The Parade & the Derwent, 1920s-1930s. A second photo has been added, taken by Cyril Edmonds. With thanks to Ken Smith.
3. Matlock Bath: View from River Derwent. The page has been updated and a sepia version of the picture has been added. With thanks to Ken Smith.
4. Matlock Bath: The Heights of Abraham, from the Derwent, 1904.
5. Matlock Bath: Boating on the River Derwent, 1914. A coloured version of the main picture has been added.
6. Matlock Bath: Boats For Hire, 1950s.
7. Matlock Bath: Derwent Gardens - from Lovers Walks, before 1905.

Additions to:
8. Matlock Dale - High Tor and Artists' Corner (4). A sepia card, plus an enlargement of part of the card, has been added.
9. FHA Visitors to Cromford Court, 1933 onwards. Another group photo of F.H.A. visitors, with thanks to Ken Smith.
10. Matlock Bath: Lovers Walks, 1950s. A second picture from the photographer, looking towards the river. Also from Ken Smith.
11. Matlock Bath: Holy Trinity Choir, Procession of Witness, 1935. Seven more photos added. With thanks to Christine Leila Hill.
Feb 2015 New pages:
1. Matlock Dale: The Weir and the High Tor Tunnel. The weir was built and goit were built for the colour works and the tunnel was blasted through in the mid to late 1840s.
2. Matlock Bath: Upper Wood, with views of Matlock Bath & Starkholmes. Late nineteenth century postcard showing the settlement. Taken about 1890.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: Great Scout Parade, Royal Hotel, 18th March 1917. Now includes a photo of Baden-Powell from the Scout Gazette. With thanks to Susan Tomlinson.
2. Matlock Bath: Clarence Terrace, Holme Road, about 1900. A second image has been added. With thanks to Christine Leila Hill.
3. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel (5). A second image has been added. With thanks to Christine Leila Hill.
4. United Methodist Free Chapel, Smedley's Hydro, Matlock, 1885. There is now a little more information.
5. Matlock from Riber, 1914. Two enlargements of the sections of the postcard have been added, one of which shows the roof of the Congregational Chapel on Matlock Green.
5. Churches and Chapels. Additional information about the Wesleyan Methodist church and its links to Smedley's Free Chapel.
6. Lead Mining. A new section on accidents
Jan 2015 New pages:
Images on Pages 1, 2 and 3 with grateful thanks to Susan Tomlinson.
Images 4 and 5 from Malcolm Reynard, with many thanks.
1. Matlock Bank Primitive Methodist Church, School Treat, 1904. Photograph of the annual Sunday School outing on Whit Monday.
2. Matlock: Smedley's Grand Dining Room. A pre 1914 war photo. Includes the 1900 Banquet menu and a little about the Banquets.
3. Matlock: The Winter Garden, Smedley's Hydro. The Winter Garden, with its fernery and ballroom, was magnificent when it opened in 1900. Two images.
4. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro Bath Book, about 1928. Patients were given bath books to record their treatment.
5. Matlock: Smedley's Hydro Staff, late 1920s. Two photos and a testimonial from a grateful patient

6. Matlock Bath: Fish Pond Hotel, 1930s. Rare postcard of the hotel, plus an advertisement.
7. Matlock Bath: Fish Pond (3). Pretty view of the Fish Pond.
8. Matlock Bath: South Parade & Heights of Abraham, 1914-18. Includes some soldiers, who were probably billeted in the village.
9. Matlock Bath: Multiview from the Inter War Years (2). With pictures dating from the late 1920s and early 1930s, including the monkeys on Lovers' Walk.
10. Matlock: Willersley Castle, early 1900s. In 1905 a large party was held in the grounds.
11. Matlock: Willersley Castle, 1928-1939. The post Arkwright alterations were sympathetic to the character of the building. Some Victorian and Georgian features remained as the Castle transformed into a Holiday Centre
12. Matlock: Riber Castle. Built as a family home, it became a boys' school, then a government food store and was later a zoo. Two images.
13. Matlock: Starkholmes and Riber from a Path to High Tor. With a little about Wards End and some of the people who lived there
Additions to:
1. Smedley's Hydro, Matlock, 1906-7. A second card has been added.
2. Matlock Bank and Matlock Bridge, 1890s. A second postcard has been added. With thanks to Susan Tomlinson.
3. Via Gellia, Derbyshire. A fourth postcard has been added.
4. Riber Hill and Castle, Matlock has been re-written. Now includes a little on 18th century Riber.
5. Riber Hall, Matlock has also been re-written and now includes information about the families who lived there in the 19th and 20th centuries.
6. Matlock: Riber Hall engraving. This has also been re-written to include information about the Allen family who lived there in the mid nineteenth century.
7. Matlock Bath: The Royal Hotel. More about its opening in 1878.