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Dec 2013 Sorry, nothing new this month
Nov 2013 New pages:
With thanks to Susan Tomlinson for image 1 and 2 and Don Gwinnett for 5.

1. Matlock High Torr &C, 1751. Idyllic rural scene on the banks of the River Derwent below High Tor.
2. Matlock Bath: South Parade, from a sketch by Samuel Rayner. 1830 lithograph from a shetch by Rayner, who lived in Matlock Bath
3. Matlock Bath: Museum Parade, Old Bath Terrace & the Heights, 1840. With William Adam's description of the view from Old Bath Terrace from "The Gem of the Peak"
4. Matlock Bath: Adam & Co., Royal Museum Advertisement, 1840. Two page advertisement for Adam and Co's Royal Museum.
5. Matlock Station: Smart's Quarry, 1928. Photograph of a raised rail track, with waggons on it about to empty their load into lorries waiting underneath.
6. Documents Relating to Matlock, Ancient Deeds - from the reign of Edward I to the reign of Philip & Mary, extracted from "The Reliquary", Vol. II. Plus some undated Latin Deeds.
Additions to:
1. Stone Quarrying in the Matlocks. Now includes a number of quarrying accidents and casualties.
2. Pedigree of Wolley of Darley Abbey.

Later in November:
3. Matlock Bath: Rider Point, Via Gellia. A pretty water colour has been added, with thanks to Andrew Meyer
Oct 2013 New pages:
With thanks to Glynn Waite for images on 1, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14 and 16. He also provided a great deal of background information about the buses.
And to Susan Tomlinson for 10, 12 and 18.
And to Pauline Jordan for 15.

1. Matlock Bank and Matlock Bridge, 1890s. Viewed from the top of High Tor.
2. Matlock: Engraving of Matlock Bridge from an original by Turner, 1795. A finely engraved late 18th century view of the County Bridge by Turner, published in J. Walker's The Itinerant.
2. Matlock Bath: South Parade and Fishpond, 1840. Vignette engraving published by F. and J. Harwood.
4. Matlock Bath: Engraving, 1840. Steel engraving of Matlock Bath, from a drawing by W. H. Bartlett.
5. Matlock: Furniss's Garage, Crown Square. William Furniss was the first to open a garage in Crown Square. The Furniss family ran a coach business, with charabancs and buses, in both Matlock and Matlock Bath (nine images).
6. Matlock: Hand's Garage, Crown Square. Henry Hand and his son William ran what began as a successful livery stables and later included a garage and bus service connecting Matlock and Cromford (eleven images).
7. Matlock: Crown Square, 1901. A very rare photograph, and possibly a unique image, of Crown Square showing the shops at the top of what is now the park head. With advertisement for Phillips Hairdressers.
8. Matlock: Crown Square from Causeway Lane, about 1910. Crown Square in the days of horse drawn vehicles.
9. Matlock: Crown Square from the County Bridge, 1928-30. Crown Square after the tramway had gone. With Orme's advertisement
10. Matlock: Crown Square, 1937-39. The roundabout in the middle of the square had been enlarged (2 images).
11. Matlock: Crown Square, 1945-52. Crown Square in the late 1940s and early 1950s had changed only slightly from the Crown Square of the late 1930s (4 images).
12. Matlock: Burgons, Crown Square, about 1952. View of Crown Square looking toward the Park and Riber
13. Matlock Bath: Bus Services, 1912 - 1933. Several firms ran the buses that either terminated at or passed through Matlock Bath. Includes an early driver's license (6 images).
14. Matlock Bath: Bus Services, 1912 - 1933, Tickets and Timetables (Part 2). More about the services through Matlock Bath, including tickets and timetables of Watts and Williams Spa (eleven images).
15. Matlock Bath: The Bonsall Bus, 1930s. A North Western Leyland bus on its way to Bonsall
16. Midland Railway Distance Diagram, Matlock & Matlock Bath, 1913. hows all the railway stations, bridges, sidings, signal boxes and tunnels between Darley Dale and Cromford, with distances.
17. Map of Matlock Bath, 1907. Map designed to show a series of paths around Matlock and Matlock Bath, including walks over Masson and walks from Upper Wood to Bonsall and the Via Gellia.
18. Matlock: The Miniature Railway on the Hall Leys. The 1950s engine and three photos of today's train (four images).
Additions to:
1. Matlock. Two new photos, from Susan Tomlinson
2. "Beauties of England & Wales", Matlock Extracts. The engraving of Matlock Bridge, dating from 1802, has been re-scanned.
3. Matlock Bath: Aviaries and Monkey Houses, Lovers' Walks. Matlock UDC bought two black bears for the menagerie in 1930, but they didn't last long!
4. Matlock Bath: Letterheads of Local Businesses (1), 1900-1949. Daykin's Chemists added
5. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel (1). A third view of the hotel taken in the early 1950s added.
6. Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel and River, early 1900s. An undated early photo added. With thanks to Glynn Waite.
7. Matlock: Hall Leys, Boating Lake. Two photos of the lake in 2013, from Susan Tomlinson
8. Matlock: The Staff of Derbyshire Stone, about 1945. Harry Salt has kindly supplied seven more names.
Sep 2013 New pages:
With thanks to Glynn Waite for images on 1, 2, 3.
To Christine Leila Hill for images 4, 5.
To Ken Smith for 6.

1. Matlock Bath: Youth Football Club, 1906-7
2. Visitors to Matlock Bath - Queen Mary, 1913. To mark her visit Queen Mary accepted a Blue John vase from the Matlock Bath Council and residents.
3. Visitors to Matlock Bath - Travelling by Motor Charabanc. What better way to remember your visit to Matlock Bath than to have your photograph taken in the motor charabanc that had brought you to the village for the day? Here are 24 photos.
4. Matlock Bath: Portland House, Clifton Road. A large Victorian house built in 1880 by John Wildgoose. A photo and two sale notices.
5. Matlock Bath: Winter Scenes, 1947. Britain suffered one of the worst and prolonged snowfalls on record. Six images.
6. Matlock Bath: Winter Scenes, 1960-70. A series of four photos, probably taken during the winter of 1962-3. It was one of the coldest winters on record.
Added to:
1. Matlock & Matlock Bath - Poetry. In the nineteenth century William Smedley, proprietor of the Cumberland Cavern, wrote a poem about Matlock Bath. With thanks to Glynn Waite.
2. Whittaker's Bottling Plant, Dale Road, Matlock Bath. A second image added
Aug 2013 New pages (early August):
With thanks to Susan Tomlinson for images 2, 4, 5, 9, 10
To Glynn Waite for images 13 and 14.
And Jeremy and Glenis Smith for images 16, 18.

1. Matlock: Hall Leys, 1914. The tennis courts now had nets.
2. Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel and River, early 1900s. The first advertisement for the Boat House Hotel was printed in 1780. It was later advertised with land for quarrying or lime burning.
3. Matlock: River Derwent near the Boat House Hotel, about 1904-5. The Boat House Hotel has its own private waters for fishermen.
4. Matlock: Dale Road, Railway Bridge, South Side, 1906. With the stories of two nineteenth century tragedies.
5. Matlock: Dale Road, Railway Bridge, North Side, about 1918. Built in the 1840s for what was then the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock & Ambergate railway.
6. Matlock Dale: High Tor Guest House & Suspension Bridge.
7. Matlock Dale: General View of Artists' Corner from High Tor, 1950s.
8. Matlock Dale: Looking towards Matlock from High Tor, 1920s. Two 1920s images and three modern photos of the Matlock and Matlock Bath boundary where there are some blocked up entrances.
9. Matlock Dale: High Tor and Abram's Heights, 1925. Taken near the High Tor Tunnel.
10. Matlock Dale: Artists' Corner from High Tor, 1920s. Looking down into the Dale from the top of High Tor.
11. Matlock Dale: High Tor & Artists' Corner (5). High Tor in 1909.
12. Matlock Dale: High Tor & Artists' Corner (6). The Dale had changed by the 1920s and a quarry had appeared.
13. Matlock: The Council's Steam Roller, early 1900s. In 1896 Matlock Urban District Council ordered a 12 ton steam road roller.
14. Matlock: The Staff of All Saints' School, 1903. The headmaster and four female members of staff
15. Matlock: Holt Lane and Dale Road, about 1900. Thomas Green, one of Matlock's longest living residents, lived at the Rock Inn

Later in the month:
16. Matlock Bath: Venetian Fête (now Venetian Nights), decorated boats. The history, and images from the 1930s to the present day.
17. Matlock Bath: The Royal Museum Petrifying Well. With 1930s advertisement for Smith's Royal Museum and Petrifying Well.
18. Matlock Bath: The Royal Museum (Smith's), South Parade. A family business specialising in Blue John that passed down through several generations
Additions to:
1. Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel and Quarry. Photograph of the iron bridge across the Derwent connecting Dale Road and Pic Tor has been added.
2. Matlock: Dale Road, Boat House Hotel and River, about 1908. A second image, with thanks to Susan Tomlinson. Now includes known licensees, listed alphabetically, 1827 - 1941.

Later in the month:
3. Matlock Bath: Illuminations & Venetian Fête (now Venetian Nights) in the 1950's. Rewritten, to include an early history of the Venetian Fête (now Venetian Nights) and many more photographs.
4. Matlock Bath: The Great Petrifying Well, 1932. Now with a second postcard
Jul 2013 New Pages:
1. Matlock: Lea Mills, Lead Smelting Works & Coumbs Wood. Smedley's Mill at Lea and a Smelting Works, both on the parish boundary.
2. Matlock: Hall Leys Park - The Broad Walk, about 1920. Old tram cables were used in the fencing.
3. Matlock: Hall Leys Park in Winter, 1940s. The boating lake in Hall Leys Park was used for ice skating, when conditions allowed.
4. Matlock Bath: North Parade, 1920s. Showing Wyvill's grocery and off-licence.
5. Matlock Bath: Jubilee Bridge, The Promenade, 1890
6. Matlock Bath: North Parade, 1920s. From the Albion Restaurant to Mr. Slawson's chemist's shop
7. Matlock Bath: Promenade Gardens, with Gas Lamps, about 1902. Two postcards of the Prom, showing the gas lamps. With info about local lamp lighters
8. Matlock Bath: North Parade from Across the River. Early undivided back card of the Derwent Terrace section of the Parade
With thanks to Susan Tomlinson for the images on the above pages.

9. Matlock Carnival, 1938 - Entertainments at the Band Stand
10. Matlock: Coronation Celebrations at the Band Stand, 1937
The above contain images provided by Glynn Waite.

11. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel (2). An early twentieth century view of the hotel from Cat Tor, with the huge lime or linden tree in the garden. Postcard from Pauline Jordan

12. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel (3). The Edwardian Hotel, then owned by the New Bath Hotel Company Limited.
13. Matlock Bath: The Parade, before 1906. With another advertisement for the Peveril Temperance Hotel
14. Matlock Bath: North Parade, 1930s. Postcard of North Parade, with advertisements for Evans' Parade Restaurant and Dalton's Central Restaurant.
15. Matlock Bath: Derwent Gardens - Miniature Railway, early 1950s. After the Second World War the Derwent Gardens were re-planned and re-opened. Three images, two of Glynn's and one of mine.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath : The Parade, 1902-05. Advertisement for the Peveril Temperance Hotel
2. Fish Matlock Bath: Pond Stables, 1907. A second advert added
3. Matlock Bath: The Temple Hotel now with 1903 and 1930s adverts
4. Matlock Bath: Sanger's Circus, 1900. An additional picture, from Susan Tomlinson, of the circus parading through Alfreton. It shows just how long the parades were.
5. Matlock: Hall Leys, Boating Lake. A third postcard, from the 1930s, has been added. Also from Susan.
1. Matlock Bath Advertisements, 1903, has ben deleted and the three advertisements moved to other pages.
Jun 2013 New Pages:
1. The War Memorials. Peace Day 1919, with images of Scarthin's programme for the day's celebrations.
2. The War Memorials. Scarthin War Memorial, unveiling programme.
3. Matlock: J. Wilby of Dale Road, early 1900s
4. Matlock: Park Band Stand, Hall Leys
5. The Matlocks UDC Fire Brigade, 1925-30. Pictured with their new motor engine.
6. Matlock Town Football Club, 1931-2 season. The team were photographed outside the Railway Hotel on Bakewell Road.
The above contain images provided by Glynn Waite.

7. Matlock Bath: Clarence Terrace, Holme Road, about 1900. From Christine Leila Hill
8. Matlock Bath: Holy Trinity Choir, Procession of Witness, 1935. Four photographs of the choir marching along the Parades on Ash Wednesday. Also from Christine.
9. Matlock Bath: The Grand Pavilion, 1930s. The 1930s began for the Pavilion with a Great Exhibition and ended with the War and the fitting of an air raid siren. From Christine.
10. Matlock: Hall Leys, Boating Lake. Two postcards of the Jubilee boating lake, and its opening in 1935, one from Christine and the other moved from a different page

11. Matlock: Pic Tor and the River Derwent, early twentieth century
12. Matlock: Hall Lees Park, Boating on the Derwent, 1930s. Three images, two of which are from Susan Tomlinson's collection.
13. The Promenade, Matlock Bath. Excellent very early twentieth century view. The promenade was, together with Jubilee Bridge, part of a scheme to commemorate the Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887.
14. Matlock Bath: The Promenade, before 1905.
15. Matlock Bath: Promenade Gardens, about 1915. The Promenade had undergone some changes
16. Matlock Bath: The Promenade, about 1904-05. Shows the layout of the pre 1906 Promenade. From Pauline Jordan's collection.
17. Engraving of High Tor Tunnel, Matlock Bath, from Mrs. Smedley's "Ladies Manual" - nineteenth century
Additions to:
The following sections have been updated in some way, so start with the one at the top of each list:
Park, the Hall Leys, Matlock | Pic Tor Matlock | Promenade and Road widening, Matlock Bath

Also see the following, which have had more material added:
1. Matlock Bath: Royal Cumberland Cavern. A flyer advertising the cavern has now been added, also with thanks to Glynn.
2. Matlock Bath: North Parade, late 1870's (1). Information about the first promenade now added.
3. Matlock Bath: Promenade and Gardens, before 1904. A second image and more information added.
4. Matlock Bath: North Parade, early twentieth century (1). More information and an exact date provided
5. Matlock Bridge, Pic Tor Walk, 1909. A second picture and more information.
6. Matlock: Hall Leys, about 1912
7. Hawe Lees, Matlock, showing Bandstand and New Pavilion
Apr 2013 New Pages:
1. Matlock Bath: Holy Trinity Church, 1907
2. Matlock Bath: Royal Cumberland Cavern. One of the attractions for visitors to Matlock Bath for around 200 years. With 1930s advertisement.
3. Matlock Bath : Living at the Heights of Abraham, 1954-64. The late Peter Aspey's personal account of a childhood spent at the Heights of Abraham. With three pictures. The web mistress is indebted to Mrs. Aspey and family for generously allowing this to be published on the web site.

From Ken Smith's collection.
4. Matlock Bath: Woodbank, 1930s, when it became Cromford Court
5. Matlock Bath: Woodbank (Cromford Court), 1912, exterior - 2 images
6. Matlock Bath: Woodbank (Cromford Court), 1912, interior
7. Matlock Bath: Woodbank Fire Drill, before WW1 - 2 images
8. Matlock Bath: Soldiers Billeted at Cromford Court in WW2
9. Matlock Bath: Petrifying Well Stereoview. Includes an enlargement. It is interesting to see what objects 19th century visitors wanted to be petrified.
Additions to:
1. Matlock Bath: Great Rutland Cavern, Old Oak Tree and Roman Staircase. The engraving is new, so the title has changed and there is more information.
2. Matlock Bath: Aviaries and Monkey Houses, Lovers' Walks. A second image added, with thanks to Ken. Also more info about Matlock's monkeys.
Mar 2013 New Pages:
1. Lists Through the Centuries: The Eighteenth Century: Court Quarter Sessions, 1773 - 1800. People who were summoned to appear before the court or convicted
2. Matlock: J. Wildgoose, Florist & Fruiterer. He opened his Smedley Street business in 1899. Photograph from Glynn Waite's collection. With two advertisements (1953 and 1968) from web mistress
3. Matlock: Primitive Methodist Church, Membership Cards. Given to the Lill sisters in the first decade of the twentieth century. From Colin Lunt.
4. Matlock Bath: South Parade Stereoview. Taken by Matlock Bath's first resident photographer

From Ken Smith's collection.
5. Matlock: Marchant Brooks Sale Rooms, Causeway Lane, 1946. Lea Hurst sale.
6. Matlock Bath: Pantomime in the Parochial Hall, 1941. All all female cast.
7. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel Stereoview. Taken between 1856 and 1876 when the hotel was run by Miss Ivatts and Mrs. Jordan.
8. Matlock Bath: Stereoview of the Ferry and Ferry House
A series of new pages showing letterheads found on stationery used by Matlock and Matlock Bath businesses from 1900 to the shortly after the Second World War. The images have almost exclusively been generously provided by Glynn Waite.

1. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (1), Surnames A - D:
Allen, Bailey, Ballington, Beddington, Boden, Bonsall UDC, Bowler, British Butchers, Brooke Taylor, Chamberlain, Chapel en le Frith Gas Co, Chapman, Colledge, Crompton and Evans Bank, Crowder Johnson, Crown Hotel, Dakin, Davidge, Derwent Mills, Derwent Valley Co-op, Drabble, Duke of Wellington

2. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (2), Surnames E - H:
Edge Bros, Else, Evans, Farmer, Fisher, Gill, Goodwin, Greatorex, Greaves, Gregory, Hadfield, Hall, Hall & Co, Heather Laundry, Heny and Heny, Joseph Hodgkinson, Hopkinson

3. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (3), Surnames I - M
Jaffrey, Jeffs Poplar Hydro, Kirkham, Kirkland, Lilybank Hydro, London County Westminster and Parr's Bank, London Joint City and Midland Bank, Lymn, Lymn and Lymn, Madame Beryl, Marchant Brooks, Marriott, Marsdens, Matlock and District Bill Posting, Matlock & District Gas Company, Matlock House, Matlock District Nursing Association, Matlock Sports Club, Midland Bank, Mills, Moxon and Crarer

4. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (4), Surnames N - R:
Nuttall, Oakley, Oldham House & Prospect Place Hydro, Orme, Parr's Bank, Picture Palace, Potter, Rackstraw, Reddish, Rock Cafe, Rockside

5. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (5), Surnames S - T:
Scholes, Shaw, Sheffield and District Gas, Simpson, Skidmore, Slater, Smedley's Hydro, Sparks and Meachim, Speakman, Statham, Stevenson, Sweeting, Swift, Taylor, The Matlock Club, Tookey, Twigg

6. Matlock: Letterheads of Local Businesses, 1900-1949 (6), Surnames U - W:
Urban District Council, Walker, Wall, Ward, Welch, Westminster Bank, Wheatcroft, Wheeldon, Wildgoose, Williams, William's Deacons, Wigley

7. Matlock Bath: Letterheads of Local Businesses (1), 1900-1949:
Bonsall UDC, Butterworth, Chaplain, Clay, County and Station, Crompton and Evans Bank, Donegani, Godfrey, Goldstraw, Hodgkinson's Hotel, Jaffrey, Lymn, Mortimer, New Bath Hotel, Parr's Bank, Skidmore, Westminster Bank
Additions to:
1. Matlock: St. Giles Parish Church, Lych Gate. A second image. From Ken Smith
2. Matlock Bath: New Bath Hotel (1). A second image and a little more info
3. Matlock: The Wishing Stone. More information added
Feb 2013 New pages:
1. Lists Through the Centuries: The Eighteenth Century: Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1785 - 1799
2. Lists Through the Centuries:The Nineteenth Century: Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1800 - 1852
3. Lists Through the Centuries: The Nineteenth Century: Vaccination Cases - August 1898. Local people who had not had their children vaccinated, and who were described as"anti vaccinators", were summonsed for disregarding the vaccination laws then in place.
4. 1841 Census, Parish of Matlock: Distribution of Occupations. Examination of the occupations of those living in Matlock and District at the time of the 1841 census, highlighting some interesting distribution patterns across the seven Enumeration Districts.
5. Will of Anthony DEBANKE of Matlock Papermill, 1814, a transcript by Robert Burns. With grateful thanks
6. Matlock & Matlock Bath's MIs, Monumental Masons - St. Giles' Church

7. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists: The Twentieth Century: Matlock Station Staff, 1911 - 1966, A - J*
8. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists: The Twentieth Century: Matlock Station Staff, 1911 - 1966, K - Y*
*Following Harry I'Anson's appointment as the Station Master at Matlock in 1911 he began to record certain details about the staff as a means of getting to know them. The large index book he used was subsequently maintained by his successors until 1966. These lists provide invaluable information that is not recorded anywhere else. There are about 565 names and includes female workers who were employed during the two World Wars. With very grateful thanks to Glynn Waite, whose research this is.
Additions to:
1. Books & Other Publications. Two more books, published in late 2012
2. Matlock Bank Primitive Methodist Church, "Young Men's Class". Addition photograph, of Ernest Samuel, added. With grateful thanks to Nyorie Truong and Susan Tomlinson
3. Matlock Bath : New Bath Hotel - the Outdoor Swimming Pool. Another image and more information added
4. Matlock Bath: Woodbank, later Cromford Court. Another image and more notes
5. MIs - SAMUEL, with thanks to Susan Tomlinson
Jan 2013 New pages:
1. Matlock: The Bridge (1). The northern side of Matlock Bridge, not long after it was widened. What happened during the extension project.
2. Tourist Booklet of Matlock, Matlock Bath and District, about 1900. Small booklet of twelve views. The photos were probably taken between 1892 and 1900
3. Matlock & Matlock Bath Lists: The Nineteenth Century - Vaccination Cases - August 1898. Over 70 men from Matlock and District appeared before the local magistrates for failing to have their children vaccinated.
Additions to:
1. The Old Bridge, Matlock. The page has been rewritten and includes much more about the events leading up to the widening of Matlock's mediaeval stone bridge in 1903-4.
2. Matlock: The Cinema House, 1922
3. Additional Burials, Matlock. SAMUEL - with thanks to Susan Tomlinson