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Feb 2018 New page:
1. Documents Relating to Matlock, Duchy of Lancaster Court Rolls from the reigns of James I and Charles I.
2. Matlock Bath: From the Heights of Abraham to Crich Stand & Beyond. Wonderful view from high up on Masson looking towards Crich and southwards.
  Additions to:
1. Biographies. Updates to existing.
2. Matlock & District Amateur Operatic Society, Productions 1907-69. 1949 programme cover, from Susan Tomlinson.
Jan 2018 New page:
1. Matlock Bank from High Tor, 1920s. There was still not a great deal of development in the area around Woolley Road and Imperial Road in the early 1920s. With thanks to Susan Tomlinson for the very helpful input.
2. Matlock Bath: Dale Road, the County & Station and Holmefield House. The Midland Restaurant was on the ground floor of Holmfield House.
Additions to:

1. Matlock Bath from Lovers' Walk, 1779. More info added
2. Matlock Bath, 1806. An enlargement of part of the main image has been added and more information.
3. Matlock Bath from the Temple House, 1810. More info added.
4. Matlock Bath: Adam & Co., Royal Museum Advertisement, 1840. Now with enlargement of the Museum
5. Matlock Bath: Ashfield, originally The Villa. More info
6. Matlock Bath: Fish Pond Stables, Providence Mine & the Mud Heap. A little more background info has been added and a postcard.
7. Matlock Bath: Dale Road & The Heights of Abraham, about 1948. Includes two advertisements for Dale Road businesses.
8. Matlock Bath: Derwent Gardens - from Lovers Walks, before 1905, which shows the southern end of the switchback, has an additional image and more information.
9. Matlock Bath: Derwent Gardens - The Café (2). A memorial card for Mrs. Boden has been added. Will grateful thanks to her grandson, Geoff Hardy.
10. Matlock Bath: Lovers' Walks, Riverside Path. A sepia image, from 1886, has been added.
12. Matlock Bath : Lovers' Walks and River Derwent. Enlargement of a section to show the Switchback's main building.
13. Matlock Bath: On the Lovers' Walk - and the Ferry, 1900. Enlargement of a section to show the ferry boat. Also more info.
14. Matlock - looking towards Hackney, early 20th Century now has info about the road before it became Wolley Road and an additional picture, enlarged from the main image.
15. Phœbe Bown (1771 - 1854). A quote from Hutchinson (1810) has now been added to clarify what he actually wrote about her.
16. Water Cures. The section about the Spa of Matlock Bath has been added to.
17. Matlock & Matlock Bath Miscellany, some additions including image links.